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Toyota trumpets walking robots


17 Jan 2004
More fun robot news... 🕺

Toyota Motor Corp. unveiled four humanoid robot prototypes Thursday, some of which can walk and play the trumpet.


A robot developed by Toyota Motor Corp. sways and plays "When You Wish Upon a Star" on the trumpet in Tokyo.

During a demonstration at a Tokyo hotel, a bipedal robot walked onstage and played "When You Wish Upon A Star" on the trumpet, using its artificial lips. Joined by a two-wheeled robot, also on trumpet, the duo played another tune to much applause.

Japan Times
Wow, A Robot With Lips!! Can It....

cook & do housework?? Can you order it with long black hair?? Does it ever get headaches?? Sign me up, HOW MUCH??


😊 :D :p 👍
me too!!!
Black hair of course....though will the robot be like
bicentinial man????
If so.....still send me one female version! FRench Maid style 😄
HAHA, That is great! I hope they are soon to make it to the public, maybe in a few years? It would be great to wake up to the Robot waking me up, cooking my breakfast, and then getting my clothes ironed/washed. Bad things can happen if you are catered (sp?) to much though, weight gaining, lazieness. Wonder what a robot's Ramen would taste like? 🍜
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