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Article Toyooka Travel Guide

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15 Mar 2002
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Toyooka Travel Guide

Toyooka (豊岡市) is located in northern Hyōgo Prefecture in the centre of the San'in Kaigan Geopark (山陰海岸ジオパーク). While the city stretches over 700 square kilometres after its merger with the surrounding towns of Hidaka, Izushi, Kinosaki, Takeno, and Tantō in 2005, the actual city centre is quite easy to explore.

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Kinosaki Onsen

The first sight to see close to Toyooka Station is the morning market. The Aozora Ichiba (青空市場, "open-air market") offers rice and local produce, under the roof of Kōsetsu Ichiba (公設市場, "public market"), Japan’s oldest wooden market, visitors can buy flowers and local food specialities. Toyooka is also renowned for its handmade bags. In Caban Street (かばん kaban means "bag") scores of speciality bag stores sell bags under the brand name of “Toyooka Kaban”, a title that is given only to those manufacturers that meet the strict criteria set by the local bag association....

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