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8 Oct 2002
Beside Koyto, what towns and small cities have the old Japan ?

Not a fake plastic recreation, but have truley retained the Japan prior to industralization.

I have this;


Town of Tsumago Juku in Nagano Prefecture is one of
the few places in Japan that has been completely kept the
way it looked during the Edo Period (1600-1868).


Ainokura near the Sea of Japan in central Japan is now a rare World Heritage Site

Kawagoe in Saitama

has a few remnants of older buildings from the past, including some antique or antique styled wares available in some of the shops....

then I've visited Hirosaki up in Aomori prefecture, and they have some older stuff off the beaten path....also good to watch the Neputa festival, where the floats they use have a "fan-shaped" structure, as opposed to the greater Nebuta festival located in Aomori-city....both occur on the first week of August, if you're interested.... :D

I'd say every major city has some form of olde style stuff, but sometimes you need to hunt them down to find them....but they are still there, like the elusive kitsune.... :D
Town--Old Japan

I also found this


TOWN-->Omihachiman in Shiga Prefecture
A few kilometers southwest of Azuchi is the town of
Omihachiman, which was built by Toyotomi Hidetsugu
(1568-1595), the nephew of the Azuchi-Momoyama period
shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598).

Many of the houses in the district are as many as 140 years
old, and walking down a deserted street in the town is like stepping back in time. That's probably why the area has
been used as the location for period films.


CASTLE TOWN-->Kakunodate, Region Tohoku
Wooden buildings remain an integral part of the old
castle town of Kakunodate, helping give it the
moniker of Little Kyoto of Michinoku, the old name
for the region now known as Tohoku.

Old Kakunodate features rows of houses that have
remained virtually untouched since the start
of the Edo Period almost 400 years ago.

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