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Tourists stop Narita Express


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14 Mar 2002
Now that's what I call service! :)

Express train makes unscheduled stop for 5 foreign passengers

A Tokyo-bound airport express train from Narita airport made an unscheduled stop at a station shortly after leaving to unload five foreign passengers who apparently took the wrong train, an East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) official said Sunday. The incident took place Friday evening when the five boarded a Narita Express service at Narita Airport Terminal 2 Station, which does not stop until it reaches Tokyo Station, around 60 kilometers east of the airport, the official, of JR East's Chiba branch, said.

On board the train, they showed a ticket examiner their 190 yen tickets, not enough to cover the 2,940-yen trip to Tokyo on the express service, and said that they wanted to go to Narita Station, the next station from the Terminal 2 station on a non-express service. The examiner contacted JR East's traffic command center, which authorized a stop at Sakura Station, just past Narita Station, for one minute to unload them.

🙂 🙂 Very decent and courteous!!! All travellers have the right to make mistakes and go unpunished,🙂 how-ever the locals don't have the same rights, 🙂 😊
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