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14 Mar 2002
According to a survey by Expedia.co.uk Japanese are among the most popular tourists - along with Germans and Americans.

"Germans are virtually welcome everywhere", Japanese and Americans are the big spenders. British tourists are considered the rudest and least educated, along with Canadians and Russians.

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Brits are the rudest and least educated???
I know a ton of Brits and they are normally more educated than Americans. Of all of them that I know, only one is rude and uneducated. Canadians and Russians I can see that...LOL Just Kidding.

I know that we pic on the Japanese a lot because of their cameras and technology, but I think it is more envy than anything else.

*we is used as a society, not me.
we as a society ... that's very Japanese :)

I met a lot of cool Canadians and new Zealanders here in Japan. The Brits ... well errr ... being honest .. 50-50.

However whenever I go shopping in Otaru ... lot's of the Clerks look at and probably think I'm Russian ... lolo ... German look must be close to Russian or something.
Otaru... reminds me of Debito's onsen case.

Would you say that Russians are treated differently than other foreigners in Hokkaido?
hmmm, not really sure. I wonder if the Japanese think they are scary than your typical gaijin. Maybe David could comment on that.

Might also depend on what town in Hokkaido too. Sapporo probably isn't that bad compared to Otaru, Wakanai, Nemuro, and Tomakomai. Although, I have never really seen than many Russians in Tomakomai.
i spent a few days in disneyworld in orlando fl. i stay at a resort hotel on the disney property. i saw quite a few japanese couples, families and girlfriends on vacation. they didn't take any pictures and they kept to themselves. they seem to have a good time enjoying the heat and the rain.
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