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Tourist, Stay At Love Hotel


8 Oct 2002
If me and my wife just want Hotel accomdations, and we
are N-O-T travelling with small children.

1) Are Love-Hotels OK to stay at ?

2) Are they cheaper ?

3) What should I be aware if we just want
to find a place to sleep and rest up ?
1) yes, of course

2) not necessarily but they are generally on the cheaper side and often more readily available.

3) I'm not sure but I suspect check-in times are later for love hotels. If you check in too early you may have to pay additional fees.
Ditto as mdchachi

3) Most love hotels have overnight price from about midnight. So, you shouldn't be in a hurry. If you come at, say 3pm, you'll have to pay almost as much as for the night for every 2 or 3h till midnight, so that will cost you 4 times more than coming at midnight. You see were is the inconvenient...
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