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30 Jun 2018
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okay so my head is spinning on all this research I’m trying to do, and I just need some advice.
Firstly, I want to start studying Japanese online (beginner level) Where do I start? What course do I take? Can I study with TAFE?
I’m aiming to teach English in Japan even translating, or tutor. I have no idea what’s the first step to take, I’m willing to study for 4 years to get a degree but for what? Just need some info on what courses I need to be qualified or to have on my resume. And I big thing I didn’t finish grade 12... not in college, should I just work retail for the rest of my life?


23 Jun 2018
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I would recommend doing a bit of self-study first to see if you're interested in learning the language. I started out with this site Learn Japanese Online for Free! | Japanese-Lesson.com and did their hiragana and katakana courses. I'd recommend doing the hiragana, katakana, and basic Japanese courses (which are free) if you are serious about learning the language. The hiragana and katakana courses offer reading, writing and typing practice while the basic Japanese course offers expressions, quizzes and tips. I'd do hiragana first, then katakana, and finally basic Japanese.
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