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Toronto Film Festival


8 Sep 2003
Hello all, I am new to this message board!
Anybody is going to the Toronto Film Festival this week?

I'll be seeing GOZU from director Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichi the Killer). When I saw Ichi the Killer a few years ago, they were giving barf bags at the entrance :mad: (fortunately did not have to use it). I wonder how Gozu will be!!!

I will also see Nine Souls by Director Toshiaki Toyoda (Bue Spring) and with actor Ryuhei Matsuda (Gohatto and Blue Spring).

The Toronto Film Festival is always the best time to see some great Japanese movies.... Last year, I saw Spirited Away and also met Hayao Miyazaki in the streets!! 🙂
Hey there -Y-,

I saw Gozu in London the other week at the Frightfest film festival. It was mad as a box of frogs! A very slow film, slower than "Audition" was. It reminded me of early David Lynch, found it a bit hard to decipher what it's message was as it is clearly told in metaphor. I don't think you could take it literally.

Anyway I won't spoil it for you, enjoy!

That's really cool meeting Miyazaki-san in the street, did you talk to him/introduce yourself? If so, what did you talk about?

Have a good festival!😄
Aaaaaaaaaaah I am a huge Lynch fan and love twisted stories.
I've actually haven't read anything about the movie, so I will be more shocked. Maybe Takashi Miike will do an introduction of the movie like for Ichi, so people can understand. However, he said Ichi was just like Bambi... so I don't know if it will help :D

The word 'meeting' was a bit strong. I was going back to work after my lunch and saw him with the producer of Spirited Away. I was a bit shy and did not want to disturb them, so I just stared at him and we acknowledge each other (he probably wonder, who's that), but that was about it. I thought I was so stupid, so I turned back and tried to find him again, but he was gone 😭 I just hope I can see him again, maybe next year for the Howl's Moving Castle.

... now if I could see Ryuhei Matsuda!!
I'm a Lynch lover myself! Sometimes I don't know why though! His films are just so...👍

Twin peaks. Fire walk with me, scared the hell outa me! I've never plucked up the guts to watch Eraserhead on my own either, I saw the 1st 10 mins and chickened out! God, how old am I....!?

BTW I work in a cinema in London that is part of a lot of festivals, we get the London Film Festival every year here and we always get all the Japanese stuff due to our reputation for Japanese cinema. I'll post details of the programme when they release it in a few weeks.

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