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Top 10 Advantages of Being Asian


13 Dec 2003
1.You can pretend you don't speak English when you're around stupid people.
2. Everyone asks your advice on computers, cameras, carryout, VCRs, Toyotas and Karate.
3. You look enough like Bruce Lee that when you get in a fight, all you have to do is squint your eyes and howl to scare people.
4. There are a lot more opportunities for casting in war movies.
5. No one expects you to drive well.
6. People mistake you for a Laundromat owner and bring you a lot of neat clothes.
7. You can be from Ohio and still be considered "exotic"
8. If you ever commit a crime, you can get good laughs when your description is passed around (black hair, brown eyes, glasses).
9. You get people coming up to you all the time saying neat things in languages you don't speak.
10. During times of way, you get free outdoor housing at a local house track.
Those are pretty good.

What do you think of the term "Asian" anyway? I never cared for it much myself. Iranians are Asian, so are folks in Siberia. What do people of Japanese ancestry have in common with them, other than ancestors who lived on the same continent?
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