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Tonari no Tottoro


4 Oct 2002
Being not a very big anime fan myself, this was one of the first Japanese cartoons that I have seen. I had to watch it as part of my Japanese lesson. I really liked it and found the Japanese in it quite simple and easy to understand. Anyone else seen it? Are these kind of cartoons watched mostly by young people in Japan or do older people watch them too?
hehe, I have a kurokuro-no-suke in my car. The little black dust balls that were in the house and a Neko Bus magnet on the refrigerator.

Tottoro is one of my favorite animes.

Anime by Gibli is normally popular over a wide range of people probably reaching the age of about 50. Older folks don't seem to interested but I'm sure they do exist. I guess up to 50 since my students mention the Gibli anime every once in a while. It's probably that after 50 most children have left home finally and hence the lack of up-to-date movies.
I love it too. Just watched it yesterday. One thing I love most is how Mei's character was developed. Curious, adventurious, sensitive, insecure, naughty and lovable. And this is one thing Disney can't seem to make. A story with no bad guy. I also like the way how simple thing can make the story special like the umbrella and a kid running around with a corn.

But I agree not all targets young generations. Ex are Hotaru No Haka and Omohide Poroporo are more for late teens and older (FYI: I belong to the late teens group for more than 10 years now). I also recommend Hotaru. About life in Japan during the war though a brother and his younger sister. Based on true story.
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