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Tommy February6


25 Jun 2002
Has anyone heard of Tomoko Kawase's (vocalist of The Brilliant Green) solo project, Tommy February6? I downloaded her entire self album last night and am in awe over the album. This is the best CD I've heard in awhile. Tommy sings in a classic 80's pop style that frankly is quite addicting. I belive that the solo project is over and that she is back with The Brilliant Green, but I'm wondering if anyone had heard the album and/or knew if she'd be doing any more solo work in the near future? Thanks.
Yeah, i also have it. It's pretty good, especially because it's so much different then what she does with The Brilliant Green.

You should try to find the Promo-Vids too. There are cheerleaders in all 3 of the PV's she made for this album. Very entertaining to watch
Haha yup I have the PV's for Bloomin' and One More Kiss but I can't manage to get the one for Everyday at the Bus Stop. I'll keep tryin. I love the cheerleaders and how she manages to take a sip of whisky from a flask. I'd have to say that Hey Bad Boy is my favorite song on the whole album. I seriously hope Tomoko does some more solo work soon.
heh, i don't mean to start a flame here, but honestly...

you're absolutely right. being a long time BG fan, i find tf6 cheesy.
80's music, that's too girly. maybe that's why most of TF6 fans i
know of on IRC are gals. i dislike it very much.

i wish she could elaborate about this. why tf6. was in Sony music? or was it her who wanted to start her own thing. imho, i think she needs to focus more on TBG.

i'm not too familiar with the history of TF6. if it makes her happy,
i respect that. the last thing i WANT to see is TBG falling apart if
she ever decides to concentrate and focus on TF6, go solo. i'd prolly shoot myself in the head if that ever happens, heh. and if that ever happens, TBG will become history. i don't see a future TBG group without the current 3 members. it wouldn't be TBG anymore really. more like TBG v2, hehe.
Well, there's not much point in doing a solo-project if it ends up sounding exactly the same as TBG.

I think it's just a fun side-project for her, where she can fully unleash her own thing without having to take opinions of the other bandmembers into consideration.

And if you've seen the TF6 promo-vids, i don't think it's to be taken too seriously. The sarcasm towards the 80's music era just seeps off these vids.
I heard her song Lonely in Gorgeous and I rly like her voice. Can somebody tell me where can I get this song or album???☝
Didn't i make a topic about her but know one made a reply? well whatever grate to see that others like's her music.
I got the TommyHeavenly6 album out of curiousity after hearing The Brilliant Green's "Los Angeles" album and... well I love the guitar on it, but Tomoko seems to be trying for the Avril Lavigne angst-for-angst's-sake thing. It's ok, but after a couple of songs starts to grate a little. Still a good album with some great rock cuts on it.

I love 80s rock about as much as I hate the 90s - which is to say: lots - so the crisp, punchy guitar on this album is like catnip for me. Another thing odd about Tomoko's singing is that she has a voice that sounds great when she's in the lower register (if you're not mesmerized by "I can hold your hand baby" from "Los Angeles" you should probably check for a pulse.) But when she gets into the upper register she starts sounding like an anime character - thin, forced and a little whiney. I assume that'll improve as she gets older and more experienced and maybe some people are into that sound, but for me it just...grates. But the guitar just cooks - any idea who that is? I can't find any other musician credits in the liner notes.
I LOVE Tf6 <3 <3 <3

So much better than that grunge-y TBG crap. Tf6 has more genki energy and is happier music.
I like that song: "Hello welcome to my dark side why won't don't you have a picnic there I'll bring beautiful things in my basket yeah....when you can see the cherry moon baby come to my room tonight"
I forgot the name of it.
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