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Tommy February6 returns


That man in the corner
15 Mar 2002
Looks like the solo-carreer of The Brilliant Green's leadsinger Tomoko Kawase will continue after rejoining her band. Her next single "Je t'aime * Je t'aime" is scheduled to be released on... february 6 (of course).
Awesome! Seriously cannot WAIT. I was hoping for more from Tommy and it looks like I'll be getting it soon!
Does anyone know when she'll be performing in the U.S.? She's on DefStar Records so I thought maybe she might be out here some day. Although, I did a search and I only came up with Japan concerts none in the U.S. I'm also a big fan of "Hysteric Blue".. The lead singer is soo cute.. I watched her live last performance in Osaka Zepp she is really good.
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