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1 Dec 2003
bloody hell I'm bored. I need a job or something, to use up all the time between waiting for my friends to finish working.

maybe I'll go do something usefull like learn more japanese :)

(this is the problem with visiting Japan after already living here in the past, you tend to see all that you want to see in the first day then spend the next two weeks buying shampoo and watching TV in the hotel till people finish work.)

Does anyone have interesting non-touristy things to suggest doing in the daytime? Or, like me, are you in Tokyo with F-all to do?

Good job I brought my sketch book and wacom tablet...
if you're really bored, you can always attempt to count the number of folks passing through Shinjuku station in a given day...

Count the number of variety of instant noodles you can find in a convenience shop, particulary those that are now labeled as "healthy" instant noodles....apparently they just came out with a bunch of them...

Go to Odaiba and find out what's the big deal that the news people keep focusing on it in the Tokyo area....

Try to locate the best bargains in the Ueno district ameyoko (I think it was called)

walk around Yokohama's china town and see if they still have any decent restaurants there....then go check out what's changed down in the MyCal Honmoku area...then go check out what's changed at the Landmark Plaza area and the minato mirai just outside Sakuragicho station in Yokohama.....

Try locating the red brick buildings where the dynamic duo, The Abunai Deka, ran during the end credits of their tv show.... :D

find more engrish to put in the humor section of this forums page....there should be no end to this activity :D
well I saw one the other day on a train map

SOUTH and on the right NOUTH

that was amusing for a few minutes.
Today I'm gonna check out the english language cafes...
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