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Tokyo -vs- NY and LA

optimus prime

10 Jul 2003
I've fallen in love with tokyo. I plan on buying a mansion there soon and living there part time.

My question is, how does Tokyo compare to New York or LA? I havn't been to either, so I'm wondering if they're just as fun. Or as big?
I would be curious also.

I have been to;
b) SAN FRANCISCO (not that big really)
d) BANGOK (in 1979)
as far as los angeles to tokyo youd prolly be alot safer in tokyo. though im sure you prolly wouldnt be actually living in the city if you can afford a mansion in tokyo. but LA is fun and pretty diverse. they have abit of everything since they allow pretty much everything execpt smoking in bars. *shrug* its always nice to be able to go snowboarding/skiing and surfing in the same day. LA people are, for the most part, indifferent to one another and not nearly as friendly as the japanese. it may be different for a visitor though. im not sure about the sizes. but it can prolly be looked up on the net easily. the thing to remember is that if you keep goin out of LA theres still many other surronding cities with all kinds of stuff in them for miles and miles.
I have been to New York and Los Angeles, and I can only say that they are so different to Tokyo (and to each other) that it's a bit pointless trying to list differences because you could fill a book with them. If you can afford to buy a 'part-time' residence in Japan, why not go and visit LA and New York - it's a lot easier than asking other people. (or do you need to sell some more Amway first... hehe....)

Out of interest, where do you live right now?

I have been to Los Angeles and New York... but not Tokyo so i wouldn't know which one was better. Well, b/t New Yok and LA i would choose New York._.
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