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Tokyo University


23 Oct 2003
Is this the top class University of Japan?

How smart you have to be?

Are the students like role models and other people look up to them?

I just want to know about it, I'm not planning of studying there.
never been there(or to japan at all for that matter), but i've read some on the topic.. seems tokyo U is the paramount of universities in japan.. you have to be a friggin semi-genious to get in.. since everyone wants to go there, ofcourse the competition will be hard as an eskimoes nuts..

i'd guess after working so hard to get in, you'd probably work really hard.. dunno tho.. it's an interesting topic and some good questions..can't waitto hear some first hand experience answers ^_^
Todai is the top university in the country. Japanese students have to pass a difficult entrance exam in order to be admitted. Some Japanese that really have their hearts set on going there will simply take the test over and over each year until they finally get admitted, usually living at their parents house, working part-time jobs and studying for the exam in their spare time. Such students are called "ronin". One of my Japanese professors said that she had a friend that did this for six years before she finally got in! 😲

As a foreigner though, it's a little different. Many major universities across the globe have exchange programs that will allow you to study there for a semester or a year or so.
So Tokyo University isn't the top one in the country? Where is this Todai?
Todai is short for Tokyo Daigaku - I think. In truth it confuses me too...I'm pretty sure there is more to the name too.

Not be confused with Todai-ji in Nara with the big ol' Buddha.
So I'm guessing Tokyo Daigaku = Tokyo University?

I've got a friend at Tokyo U studying to be a lawyer. All he does is study and barely sleeps. It seems like he's never having fun. Maybe because he's poor, he only eats rice and tea.

Are all students like that? Or is my friend just slow so he studies more. :D

I would ask him myself but he canceled his Internet to buy food.

I wanna hang out with him but I think he'll be to busy.
Todai = Tokyo Daigaku = Tokyo University

From what I have been told, most undergrad programs are pretty easy, it's getting into the university that's the difficult part. Many college students seem to be more concerned with clubs and extra-cirricular activities than academics. However, I'd expect that law/grad school would probably involve much more serious studying.
I haven't seen him in a while and I don't know what to expect. He's a Tokyo U top class law student and I'm just a low class cameraman.

Well were both poor at less we got that in common. 👏
not for long, with his top law education he'll be a well-payed lawyer doing trix for millions... and you'll still be a cameraman, trying to get people to choose you to take their marriage picture >_<

don't worry, i'll join you on the poor level.. i'm gonna be a prof. in japanese in 4 years godwilling.. that'll give me less work than you >_<

just hope i can get past the first year of jap classes.. if i can just get off to a good start i think i can go all the way...
What my Japanese friends have told me is that Japanese high school students study hard, and they study hard to prepare for entrance exams for universities (especially hard if they want to be enrolled at Todai!), and once they get in, the study-life gets quite relaxed, and not at all hard-working like when they went to high-school. The Japanese university students go out, drink etc..

I am NOT saying they don't work hard, I am just saying that their competitive study-environment is more relaxed once they have entered university. THey study hard again for exams and tests, but the daily life is not as stressed as high school with the so-called 'juku'-schools in the evenings.

My friends attend Keio University, which is a good university, and the environment is like that.
not for long, with his top law education he'll be a well-payed lawyer doing trix for millions... and you'll still be a cameraman, trying to get people to choose you to take their marriage picture >_<

Maybe I'll see him on tv, "Did you get in a car crash?! Call Kenta today to get your *** in some cash!"

Oh ya, I'm a cameraman for television, not some marriage photo guy. :p
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