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21 Jan 2004
I'm going to Tokyo the first week of April for the first time. I haven't yet booked a hotel and was looking for a suggestion as to the area I should stay in. I would prefer a busy area that is conveniently located to sightseeing attractions and entertainment areas. Could anyone suggest an alternative or two? I'm thinking about Roppongi or Shibuya. How do these two areas compare to each other? Thanks for any advice you can share!
dai itchi annex hotel in shimbashi. i have stayed there and it is very convienient place in the centre of tokyo.
stay at the imperial hotel in hibiya

hibiya is really clean and nice and centrally located to other stuff
hotel fukudaya is $58 a night
it is in shibuya
it has a toilet and a sink also (no tub/shower)
tatami mat, not western style
get maps at the tourist center in narita airport (itcj)

if one can stay at youth hostels, i recommend the national olympic memorial youth center in yoyogi
something like $36 a night
college dorm rooms, western style (but they also have japanese style)
bathroom is college style as well :)
walking distance (to me) of shibuya, harajuku, and shinjuku
stayed at the yoyogi olympic centre for some 'group training' (hahaha, try keeping 20 aussie in their own rooms, we went NUTS), rooms are nice, shared bathroom (must do, its a culture thing). Yoyogi is close to shinjuku, not far from shibuya. Next recommendation is Hibuya, close to the action but hibuya itself is quiet, clean and safe (Roppongi and Shibuya are a little... well, not so great at night unless your out on the town, but even then)
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