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Tokyo, here I come!


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14 Mar 2002
I am excited to announce my departure for Japan in three weeks. I managed to land an internship with a Tokyo-based patent law office and look forward not only to the professional experience and the joy of stepping on Japanese soil after many years, but also to meet as many JREF members residing in Japan as possible.


To-do list:

In the days to come I will have to revamp JREF completely. In order to get an impression, take a look at the Japan Forum as well as the Japan Banner Exchange. Furthermore, JREF (including Topsites Japan) will migrate to a new domain (shorter and easier to "brand").

As I won't have regular internet access in Japan, site support will be slightly delayed.

More info to come soon! :)
Excellent news Thomas! Looks like we both have something to look forward to in the coming weeks. :cool: Congratulations once again!
Thanks for your kind words, guys. I am glad I'm just too busy to get really excited about the whole issue, lolol.

Gus, will you be in Japan too? I guess it's time to revive an ooooold thread... ;)
Heh, I remember that thread, Thomas! Re: your question directed to me, this should sum it up nicely:

So yeah, looks like things are looking on the up and up for both of us. Woohoo!
I hereby officially call for a JREF Reunion 2004 in Japan. 🍾
Congratulations, Thomas! Well done ... well deserved. From what I have read here and there throughout your posts, this is something you have wanted for a long time. Glad it finally came together for you and your wife! (By the way, you've done a superb job with this site.) :)

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