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News Tokyo governor throws in the towel


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14 Mar 2002
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Are you
  • corrupt and unethical?
  • right-wing and nationalist?
Do you
  • stubbornly cling to power even in the face of scandal?
  • readily misappropriate public funds?
If so consider running for Tokyo governor, now that Mr Mazusoe has given in to party top brass (and not his sore conscience) and resigned. Will you be able to beat Mr Ishihara, Mr Inose and Mr Mazusoe?


Masuzoe throws in the towel
[...] the LDP seemed reluctant to push Masuzoe to quit because it had yet to find a candidate with a good chance of winning the special election to replace him, and was wary of holding the next election in the summer of 2020 — around the time Tokyo will be hosting the Olympics Games. The LDP’s turnabout reportedly came as it dawned on party leaders that Masuzoe’s problem was negatively affecting the party’s chances in the July 10 Upper House election, the campaign for which kicks off on Wednesday. If that’s case, it appears to be the political convenience of the parties in power that scripted the end to the protracted battle over Masuzoe’s financial irregularities.

Tokyo governor submits resignation effective June 21
Tokyo’s governor submitted his resignation on Wednesday, an official said, after being criticised over lavish personal spending and faced with a no-confidence vote in the local assembly. [...]

Masuzoe had faced relentless media and legislative grilling over hefty spending on official overseas trips, online purchases of art and accommodation at high-end hotels and spas, some of which was paid for using official funds. He has denied breaking any laws but has admitted ethical lapses and repeatedly apologised in an ultimately futile effort to weather the storm.
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