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Tokyo godfathers


15 Dec 2002
What is the title of the original Japanese anime? I ask because the video is coming out soon (or maybe already has) and we'd like to link the two together. Thanks!

hum... the original is tokyo godfathers (東京ゴッドファーザーズ) if you're talking about satoshi kon's anime....obvious isn't it? :D
Sorry, I forgot to say that we are dealing with the English subtitled version, and we haven't received the DVD yet, so maybe it is obvious. Thanks!
I loved Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress. Paranoia Agent is also quality stuff, so I am definitely looking forward to Tokyo Godfathers.
perfect blue?
It reminds me of the scene when the sister stabbed the guy in the eye
I also found Tokyo Godfathers excellent entertainment!!! :) It was so funny! I haven't seen Satoshi KOn's Perfect Blue and his other works, however, I really am looking into watching his other works after Tokyo godfathers!!! The gay man-character really is funny!
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