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Tokyo Breakfast


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14 Mar 2002
Has anyone stumbled across this video before? It seems to have gained online fame.

Tokyo Breakfast

(13 megs, requires Windows Media player, offensive language)

More info

I think the actors aren't even Japanese. :)
I get this message we I click on the link "just watch" :

You don't have permission to access /tokyo_breakfast.asx on this server."

Does Japan block access to "dangerous" sites like China and Saudi Arabia.
Try this link

=> http://www.mysterymeatgrinder.com/tokyo_breakfast.phtml

Anyhow, you're not missing a lot. ;)

The UAE are also blocking a lot of sites. I heard that China again allows access to Google etc., they've obviously found more subtle ways to control online behaviour.
Here is a site that lists a bunch of mirror sites. Neither link worked for me, so I went looking.

Hmmm... The shock of it was kind of funny...at first, which is probably the point. I can definitely see how this could make people angry, especially the last couple lines. It definitely wouldn't fly in the US.
I could see it with Luxpyre's link. I didn't find it shocking, even at the end. In a comic like Tintin (in Congo), they call blacks the "little nigers" and nobody says anything. Here we see clearly it's a joke. As long as no bad feelings are involved, words are just words. I am personally more shocked by the way people talk to me than by what they actually say. If a friend ever were to call me "hey, mother ******, how are you ?" with a smile and obviousy kidding, I wouldn't be offended. But I would if someone call me nice names with an ironic tone and visibly sneering at me.
Hm. I'm still not sure about the true intentions behind that video...

As for Tintin: you could easily say that at least 50% of his comic books wouldn't pass a PC test. Nowadays, it's difficult to find an edition of "Tintin in Congo" which clearly has a racist undertone. I don't know if anyone has ever read Herge's first big oeuvre "Tintin in the Land of Soviets" written in the 1920s, pure anti-communist propaganda.

Arabs on the other hand are always depicted as friendly savages, Jewish mostly as greedy bankers etc. I think he just reflected the stereotypes prevalent in his era. Interestingly, Hergテゥ had a lot of sympathies for the Chinese whom he usually presented as victims - a general trend in the 1930s when Western nations morally supported China against the Japanese. They (the "Japs") don't come off very well in "Tintin and the Lotus Flower", which is depicted as cruel and merciless. The "Lotus Flowers" also has clear allusions to the Nanjing massacre.
I know in the US, any form of the term "nigger" or "nigga" is STRICTLY taboo coming from anyone but another black person, especially from a white person. Most black people would be very offended hearing it, even coming from friend. It is different than saying hi to a friend with "hey, mother ******, how are you ?". This reflects the history of rocky race relations here in the US. To use the term is to invoke feelings of racism and hatemongoring.

I don't know how a black person would respond to Japanese people saying it, as I am not black. There is a kind of naive edge to it, like they are just repeating something they heard on TV, or in a movie, but in the US, there is always going to be a group who takes offense just because the term "nigga" is present. But, that's just the US. I don't know who this was intended for.
@ nigga
I don't like that African Americans will use this term among themselves but yet complain if others use it ...

@ tintin
Hey, what can you do ... that was back in the days of Uncle Tom's Cabin and what not. Viewing literature at today's standards isn't really fair. Of course, some will definitely be offensive by today's standards but standards change ...

black, colored, nigger, African American ... what's the catch phrase for tomorrow?

I'm German American Immigrant Child ... know don't you all forget that! haha ... gee what's this world coming to? I didn't know I was German American until I moved to California.

@ name calling
I've been called a whitey, nazi, and a bisquit before ... hell what can you do?
Yea I downloaded it online a long time ago when I was searching for Kobe Tai porn and thought I was going to see a different kind of scrambled eggs but that sh*t was funny to say the least and I swear if I ever run up on that plum-plum girl she is gettin' bagged up and I'm takin' her home to the promised land where she'll, on a daily basis, get her back scraped out and organize my nintendo games.

black, colored, nigger, African American ... what's the catch phrase for tomorrow?

Nigger is not a good word -- some of the younger generations (XYZ) may throw the word Nigga around (supposed to be kool of something) but you call someone a Nigger in my Age group -- born in the 50's, came of age in the 60's during the long hot summers -- they will take it as a direct insult -- what can you do -- don't use slurs -- real or imagined -- while you don't have to be politically correct -- you can Respect the racial differences and leave it at that......I don't find racial slurs as an appropriate way to address any of my friends regardless of their race( your comment is like saying -- German - nazi - skinhead - what's the catch phrase for tomorrow? -- I guess racial sensitivity is? I don't want to start a flame war or anything -- just show a little compassion ok.
why is it that black folks, rap artists for example, can call each other nigger/nigga all damn day long and no one could care less, but one white boy says it and hes automaticly labeled a racist? i've been called cracker, honkey, bisquit, kraut, whitey the blue-eyed devil and others but you dont hear me screaming racism. why? because i dont care, nor should i care when simple people call me simple names.

people need to get over themselves. i'm not just talking about races but every group of humanity who feels the need to complain about how you say something. i talk to all people with the same language and the same words. why should i change what i'm gonna say for anyone? why should whatever group get special treatment from the rest of the world because they are "different"?

ahh i had to let that rant out, though this prolly isnt the right place, seeing as how its not humorous or entertaining...
I saw this a couple years ago. The funniest thing about the whole thing is that people actually believe the premise that it was a pilot for a TV show in Japan. A lot of dumb, uncritical thinkers out there.

It definitely wouldn't fly in the US.

My guess is that it was made in the U.S. I'm guessing it was a student project of some sort, or perhaps just for fun.

I'm not african-american, but I am considered black (?? - If you ask me, no one is really that black or white, so whatever.) I'm Nigerian-british-canadian; so you could call me african if you like, but I actually know which country it is that my heritage is rooted in, since my parents are nigerian and we've been immersed in these cultures. Anyway, my comment is - about the n***** word.

I find it very offensive, no matter who says it to me; whether or not in a joking manner.
When I was 10 a boy in my school called me that -supposedly without even knowing what it meant - and I think that because such words are thrown around people have lost respect for the views others might have on saying that word because it doesn't mean the same thing to them.

I don't think I can judge who has the right to say it, but there is free speech (or at least it's in the constitution) and people have the right to say it to their friends, and others have the right to be offended for being rebuked for saying it, or having it said to them. (Though i wouldn't recommend shouting it at strangers).

That skit was funny, in the Mad tv/ who's line is it anyway theme; but got old very quickly.
Thanks for the joke:clap:

My guess is that it was made in the U.S. I'm guessing it was a student project of some sort, or perhaps just for fun.

I also think it probably was - maybe an exaggeration of the stereotypical views that other nations have of America?
"and others but you dont hear me screaming racism. why? because i dont care, nor should i care when simple people call me simple names."
but i would call them racist... especially if they were a member of a different one
well i meant more along the lines of whining, crying, bitching, moaning and suing them for $1,000,000,000 for calling me a name. as far as im concerned talk is cheap and im not gonna waste my time on something so frivolous.
all the bad words in Tokyo Breakfast are funny because of the situation. I think it really isn't offensiv at all.

here in Sweden there is currently a big discussion about the word "neger" the litteraly means "negro". swedish (white) people don't think it is a bad word, but the african swedish people think it is. they want to be called "svarta" (black).

all I know that humour is what makes the world go around
and i love tokyo breakfast.

i am not and will never be offended by the the Swedish chef in the muppetshow just because he talks like an retard and looks like one.
A Black man's opinions

"they call blacks the "little nigers", and nobody says anything."
Well, I'm not too sure about that, Maciamo. "Tintin in Japan" was never published in Sweden since it was considered to be too racist.

As for Tokyo Breakfast, I do find it very amusing. They didn't do it with the sole purpose of upsetting Black people. Besides, as HennaSaru stated, humour makes the world go around. However, it might affect the Japanese people's view of Black people since the interaction between Japanese and Blacks still is minimal. One should be careful, though, when stereotyping or making jokes about stereotypes if the knowledge about the specific target group among people is poor. I do not feel offended since it wasn't the purpose of it. I'm only a bit worried that some people in Japan who aren't used to Black people will fail to understand that it's all just a big joke.

I wonder what the response if someone made"South Central L.A Breakfast". A family of Black persons where the father is absent since he's a workaholic, the grandfather is busy with preparing his daily kamikaze attack, the mother spending the whole day being oppressed by all kinds of men, the young son eating rice, studying/reading hentai magazines and at the same time crawling on the floor since he by no means is allowed to stand out, and so the young daughter running in and out of the small hole in the wall which is their home with different men because she's just too easy.

I doubt that the Japanese would find it as amusing as a westerner might (not that it is funny, just a stupid example)

"here in Sweden, there is currently a big discussion about the word "neger" the literally means "negro". Swedish (white) people don't think it is a bad word, but the African Swedish people think it is. they want to be called "svarta" (black)."

I rather prefer being referred to as "Manuel" since that's the name I was given :) When referring to African-Swedish people, I think that using the word Black (mテカrkyad/svart) is the best. The reason being that the word "neger"(corresponds to "nigger") is mainly used in an insulting, depreciatory way. I do not get offended that easily, but my younger sister does, and many among her. When someone tells you "never" at you, I can assure you that they don't do it to make friends with you. But to me, it's not the word per se that I find insulting. It is simply how it's used and by how. Let's face it. People don't even need insults to be rude. It's rather a question of attitude.

The only thing that really pisses me is when people try to tell me what and what not I can find offensive. It's like when some stupid Swedish guys think it's okay to call Swedish girls the C-word (F-word in Swedish, but I'm not your bad language teacher) and then defend themselves by saying that it's nothing bad with female genitalia. Oh well, the world is full of people with misdirected anger. I either avoid them or give them a well-needed hug :)
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