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Tokyo Airpot-Hanada ?

Sounds like a mistake. I have no numbers at hand, but I cannot believe that Haneda is busier than Narita Airport.
Tokyo Haneda airport is the biggest and the busiest airport in Japan. More than 300 flights take off and same number of flights land on in a day. They are more than half of Japanese domestic flight. So we can see most airliners in Japan in a day. All flights are domestic except China Airline.

=> Tokyo Haneda Airport Spotting Information
Haneda (not Hanada) is almost in central Tokyo, south of Shinagawa (between Tokyo and Kawasaki). It's about 20min from Tokyo station, while the , IMO, bigger and busier Narita airport, which caters for most international flights, is in Chiba prefecture, more than 1h from Tokyo station.
Haneda was always the connection for me between Narita and Chitose (Sapporo) when flying back to the U.S. I didn't mind taking the limousine bus between the two airports, although I liked Osaka's Kansai airport the best (great view at night).
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