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Toilet wars


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14 Mar 2002
High-tech royal flush: Japanese betting on 'smart toilets'

"Japan's toilet wars started in February when Matsushita engineers here introduced a toilet seat equipped with electrodes that send a mild electric charge through the user's buttocks, yielding a digital measurement of body-fat ratio.

Unimpressed, engineers from a rival company, Inax, counterattacked in April with a toilet that glows in the dark and whirs up its lid after an infrared sensor detects a human being. When in use, the toilet plays any of six soundtracks, including chirping birds, rushing water, tinkling wind chimes or the strumming of a traditional Japanese harp."

=> http://www.iht.com/articles/73169.html
Any place i can order these? The glow in the dark feature rocks. Not sure if it's useful though. 👍
A glowing toilet seat is very useful, especially after a few beer. Facilitates the landing approach. As background music I'd suggest Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyrie" or Haendel's "Water Music".
hahaha! what is that???
i guess i'd feel embarassed to use the toilet...
Originally posted by thomas
"When in use, the toilet plays any of six soundtracks, including chirping birds, rushing water, tinkling wind chimes or the strumming of a traditional Japanese harp."
even though it's hilarious, i can't believe how they can invest money on R&D on toilet seats while the country is going through a decade-recession... it's like that article from bbc that thomas posted in another thread - 'the golden recession'.
this is hilarious, lol:clap: great stuff, I have seen a program recently where 4 male children had requested a voice-activated toilet seat be installed as their Mother always shouted at the kids, and so it was fitted to the bathroom, and the kids just shouted "up" and the seat raised on command, "Mum" was so pleased, hahaha 👏 😄
Toilets are serious business over here.

@ sounds "rushing water"
Why do women have to listen to a flushy sound when they use the toilet? My old company would see 2-3 flushes per lady ???

Another mystery!
2-3 flushes per lady ??? Another mystery.
lolol "a mystery that can't be revealed on the forum" lol:clap:
and here's another secret, "why do men require a newspaper just to visit the toilet and then leave it there for the ladies to pick it up?" lolol hmm😄 :)
Newspapers for me require to much space to read in a small room. So I read a book instead. ( Japanese toilets are split off from the bathtubs. )

On average men probably spend why more time in the can than women. Number 1 is quicker but number 2 requires reading time. Hmmm, why's that? Lol ...easier to concentrate? Or maybe it just takes more time to clean out the tube. This requirement for time probably is just that women don't wish to be caught, I've only caught my wife once or twice in 5 years, thereby quickness has progressed to a DNA level. Also, men use 2 different positions so the seating position is more of a novelty.

hmmm, does that help?
Interesting thread. We also have a pile of manga in the bathroom. :)
👏 👏 lol, well-explained moyashi😄 now I'll forgive the husband, after all its all about the novelty factor!! lol
@ ladies
quickness has progressed to a DNA level.
that's brilliant, I've never heard of it being described as that, but your so right, its almost an art form lol:)
Wagner? ....That's very good Thomas. Um..."noise cancellation technology". This should be incorporated into the toilets. The flatulently challenged (is that a word?) will be very thankful. In fact, noise cancellation technology should be part of the building code for every major city.
Originally posted by tosh
In fact, noise cancellation technology should be part of the building code for every major city.

Couldn't agree more. Then again, it would be better to use Verdi instead of Wagner, lol.
hmmm, what was that scene ... I do believe the movie was "All the right stuff" the one about the astronauts. One was reading a mag and the other was like humming a tune ...


Do women read while on the thrown?
lol, I have never met a woman yet who has the time, lol, maybe single ladies without homes to keep or without children to run around after might have the time and the security of knowing she would not be disturbed,😌

I've read it somewhere that in private houses in Japan, they have an oblong-shaped toilet, more hygenic but difficult for westerners to use, and have toilet slippers used when using the toilet facility. Are these both accurate? or just a story? HELP! lol😌 (now I feel silly) ;)
do you mean "squat toilet"???
there're quite a number of "squat toilets" in other asian countries, such as china, taiwan, asean countries..... some of my friends were quite shocked when we went taiwan few years way back... coz most of the toilets are squat toilets... that was a BIG culture shock for us.. ha!
not too sure about Japan though...
(haven't been there...)
Flight of the Valkaries. Very fitting. I would buy it just for the reactions of visitors here in the US! I could just imagine the wide eyes and gaping mouths of people coming out of the bathroom!

I read in the bathroom too. When you just can't put that book down, just take it with you!

I studied abroad in Israel a few years ago, and in a few places there were squat toilets that everyone refered to as "Turkish Toilettes". Are these similar (if anyone knows) or even the same as the Japanese version?
Oh, they call them Turkish toilets, that's interesting. In Central Europe we call them Italian toilets, as they were/are widely used in Southern Europe. I couldn't find any difference between Italian/Japanese/Arabic squat toilets, to us "Westerners" they're all equally uncomfortable.
Hmmm, most places with the space offer both in Japan with the proper designations on the door. Western! ... Nothing for Japanese style.

The squatters are baisically floor level. Houses and some places tend to raise the floor about 10-15cm. oblong shape about 40-50cm long (NO, I haven't measured one yet!) with like a half bowel shape splash cover at the end you're supposed to face. ERrr, I think that's what it's for.

haha, I almost peed my pants trying to figure out which way to point and decided that 1.) there's a splash guard 2.) I needed something to grab to maintain my balance. I've heard though of the unfortunates who've actually sat on the cold porcelain. ugh
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