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News Today marks 8 years since 3/11 quake, tsunami and the crisis in Fukushima

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14 Mar 2002
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It is hard to believe how fast time flies, but today it has been eight years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, a day none of us who witnessed the events in Japan shall ever forget. The corresponding thread here on JREF has been "stickied" ever since. Apart from the 15,000 people who perished in the disaster, we should not forget those who still suffer from the aftermath of the tragedy, namely the 52,000 displaced. Despite government assurances that their former homes in Fukushima were safe many of them refuse to return, even with their housing subsidies at stake (they are likely to be terminated by the end of March 2021, see JT article linked below).


Photo credit: Kyodo

Below a few articles and editorials on that sad anniversary.

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