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to live in japan


1 Jan 2004
I really want to live in Japan (because of many things..)
but I dont have any idea of where exactly I want to live in Japan..
can u tell me your preferences?

I'm not sure but I think Tokyo is pure stress (expensive too)
and Kyoto I don't know if its cool (to live, because to travellers its great, isnt?)
anyway, help me please :eek:
What do you look for in a city or town? That's what it really depends on..

Personally..I like a moderate sized city, nothing huge like Tokyo..More like Yokohama, Chibi, or Gifu. Also a city with not so many foreigners, it seems in places where there are many gaijin no matter how hard individuals try to remain friendly and curt gaijin always get a bad rep. And let's face it many gaijin have some serious ego inflation issues. (It's also better for business, when it comes to English teaching). I imagine ideal places such as these would require a pretty good knowledge of Japanese to get around..Sure you could say you'll learn when you get there or don't need it at all, but I try to be more realstic than that..

These are, of course, my personal opinions ;)
We chose to live in a very small town (It's small enough that the Japanese call it "inaka" - countryside) - but we're looking to move even further into the countryside. I love it and recommend it as "real" Japanese life, but there are downsides like the economy - the countryside is very poor. Wages are lower than cities. but that's not important for me, so I'm very happy here ;)
hmmm I hate the place I live... like stated above it's窶彡ナステ?inaka)
I mean... no people to hang out with really... and well... just nothing to do...

/me misses the big city...

aka (Yokohama)
Originally posted by SacredBlue
What do you look for in a city or town? That's what it really depends on..

well.. of course a job that I can at least pay the bills :eek:
entertainment places (game house.. etc)
oh yes, i would like to go to some jpop live shows 😄

hmm, Yokohama should be fine to me? :p

about my japanese language skills
well.. I was studying japanese for 6 or 7 years
but.. its like that it was just 1 year.. because I didn't learn much :eek:

well.. my parents are nihonjin so they put me into the japanese school.. but I didn't care about japanese culture and language.. and no one can learn such hard language if they don't want.. some class I just took a nap :D
unfortunately I fall in love with Japan after i quit the japanese class :p
but I can remeber some things... but only the basic :eek:
A very nice place in Japan is Kagoshima! It's a beautiful place, with the biggest mall in the south, Sakurajima and hot springs ^_^ look into it, I would love to live there!
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