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7 Feb 2003
Tell me, If you were a dumb giajin (sp?) what would you do to learn Japanese? I was considering maybe a tutor but I just don't know the best plan. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences?
heheee, I'm a dumb Gaijin!! meemee! lol. Well for me, I'm creative, so I need equally creative ways to learn ^.^ I actyally learned how to read the hiragana and katakana BEFORE actually learning japense words. I used manga and anime to actually help me learn the language, aswell as talking to actual Nihonjin, to better help with vocabulary and sentence structure and such. ^.^
At first i read a basic phrase book at home, went to japan on holiday and did ok using what i had learned but knew i had to take it to another stage to express myself as i longed to so i enrolled in a japanese school which i now go to every saturday morning. Now i have learnt the kana and am starting the kanji and things are going well. So good luck in whatever route you go down in learning this great language!
Well...I learned a lot of Japanese from Okaasan to Issho(a Japanese kids' show) and Hiragana from my sons' electronic Mickey Mouse Hiragana board. Hey...don't knock it till you've tried it... :p

I really have no real desire to become fluent in Japanese, though. I have a live-in tutor if I so wanted, but I just haven't really wanted to take advantage of it...
The best solution is to go live and study in Japan. If that's not possible, well, expose yourself to the language as much as possible and in as many ways as possible.
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