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time tales


15 Nov 2002
taken from lockergnome

Time Tales

{Snapshots of the past} There's something about looking at old photos whether or not you're related to the subjects. Looking at these photos from before 1930 brought many thoughts to my head. I couldn't help but make up a story about the people in the photo. If this site is still around 100 years from today, what will our descendants think of our photos from the '80s, '90s, '00s? They'll probably be overwhelmed because we take far, far more photos today thanks to digital cameras, cheap film, and cheap cameras. Each photo lists who found it, where it was found, and any text from the photo. Anyone can submit photos. If you find photos from Pultusk, Poland no later than 1925 or Latvia no later than 1904, drop me a line. My family is unfortunate in that there are so few photos beyond my grandparents' parents. Off to travel back to 2003.
Den4, this is a fantastic site!!! It's going to take me a while to explore it all. Thanks so much for sharing this link! 😄
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