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14 Mar 2002
Since Moyashi is about to introduce Mrs. Moyashi I thought I'd do the same. Here's my wife with a pic that has been taken before we met.

(Oh, I got her permission to post, lol, what do you think?)



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lolol Is that Nahoko as a baby???👏 wow! if so she was beautyful!!(probably still is!)

we need a more recent one Thomas!! you cheated!! lolol

I must learn how to attact image's and pics, I have a scanner,printer ect(even a cam)but as yet I dont know how to work them😌
It's not so easy to get official consent... ;)

Attaching images isn't difficult. You can actually upload any file directly from your harddrive.
hehe, Thomas has a pic on his main site. ;)

Just follow a link that says "about us" or something like that.

hehe :)

hmmm 3-4 months old at the time?
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