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Thomas Dolby "Forty"


19 Oct 2003

Ok. maybe Thomas Dolby doesn't directly make J-Pop-Music. But remeber his song with Ryuichi Sakamot "Fieldwork". Thomas is still a good friend of Sakamoto, so I think, this may fit here:
This is are important news for all fan's of Thomas Dolby and listeners of tasteful pop-music.
On the 20. of october we'll release the new Thomas Dolby live-album 窶廡orty窶 in form of a CD and a Vinyl-LP release (SalzCD005 / SalzLP014).
This record contains a selection of his finest Songs, wich he performed to a small audience at his 40. bithday. Brilliant in sound and full of emotions:
"I got a strong emotional connection to the songs, when I play them live on stage. They
let me shift to the time I wrote them all and let me live the time again, this brings me back to live. It gives me a lot of pleasure to play and sing this songs espacially to a group of people..." (Thomas Dolby, 2003)
And thats what you gonna hear on the live-album.

Ask your local record dealer or visit our homepage:


You also have the possibility to order the album at:

[email protected]

Further details and informations to the record and Thomas Dolby can be found within our homepage.
We hope, that you don't see our posting as a filthy spam, because we're waited too long for new stuff from Thomas Dolby.

Regardz, your salz team

He's been doing a lot of experimental stuff. Well, at least he did ten years ago. I believe he was working on interactive multimedia concerts, or something like that.
That's pretty cool...a lot of that music style is pretty obscure here...I'm into BT I don't know if either of you have heard of him
okay yeah that's really close...but no BT is actually in the same vein as TD....I think one song that I heard of BT's had over 6,000 vocal edits to get it to sound perfect or close to it....
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