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31 Jan 2003
Well, I first saw R. Kelly's new video a few weeks ago, and I was going to post something about it, but forgot.

Anyway, I remembered, and to those who have seen the video, what do you think of it? I'm just wondering if anyone else thinks it's as ridiculous as I do. I mean, I usually like R. Kelly's stuff--despite his run-ins with the law--but this...

Here's a link for anybody who hasn't seen it and might want to check it out:

Thoia Thoing
that was pretty stupid, although i hate that music so i had a bias that i was gonna hate befor it started, the best part of that was the mcdonalds commercial that was at the begginig. did anyone catch what the phone said though?
The phone, literally translated, said something like "call coming from the outside".

I just think that video is so silly. It's almost too embarassing for me to watch. My husband was like, "what is this?" Of course, he says that about the majority of the stuff that is supposed to be Japanese or that is supposed to have a Japanese theme here...
yeah when people do, do something of that nature doesnt matter what nation is being pertrade it is they alsways go by the steriotypes and not reall facts, its too bad really
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