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This Will Shock You What Gackt Looked Like Before Plastic Surgery!

30 May 2004
:( It is scary! T_T


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Uh... that's not really shocking. He looked like that in all of his MM pictures, plus for about the first two years of his solo career.
Now I'm kinda glad he got surgery....sure he still looks a tad feminine, but I like him the way he is now. =D
I am actually thinking he looks...well...attractive in the pre-op days. He looks better as a dolled up man, then an ugly...well, whatever he's going for now.

And look at his lips...they look normal. That makes all the difference for me.

But all the plastic surgery on the planet couldnt fix his goddess-awful voice....bleh.
i knew he looked like that before, its kinda creepy but i looks way better now. I guess that school picture i saw of him was true V.V *sigh*
oh well, he is still the sexhy!! XD
He looks so good , like a susperstar.

And , wasn't this pic already posted here before ?? Can't see how could it yet be shocking .. :eek:

But i think gackt is tightening his face a little too much these days . He looks so .. tensed .. :p
it's just a bad picture, without lighting like he has in photo shoots. gackt's face always look shiny at lives or interviews, and he still looks no different no than when he was in Malice mizer, just his hair changed.
I wish everyone would stop assuming he had plastic surgery...Or, at the very least, stop making such a big deal out of it. I just can't stand it when everyone goes totally psycho on rumors and celebrity happenings. Jeez! It's not THAT big a deal!
i dont really like those pics...mainly because i dont like Gackt with long hair. i love the gackt now, i think he's really good looking. and wats wrong with plastic surgery?
Oh Jesus. You guys, those pictures were taken DURING A CONCERT when he was SWEATY, EXHAUSTED, and MAKING WEIRD FACES. Of course he's going to look different.

And I don't see why a big deal should be made out of his plastic surgery. If he had anything done, it was probably his eyes and nose. That's it. There are stars who have had much more done, and I don't see how he resembles Michael AT ALL. He takes VERY good care of himself now-a-days... blahblahblaaahblahblah. -_- But seriously, he resembles MJ? Oooookay.

I find him attractive there, but then I also realize the conditions under which those photos were taken.
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