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This may not qualify as a FREQUENTLY asked question


1 Apr 2002
But if anyone knows the answer or can give me a link where the answer might be, I'd be very greatful.

I'm a Graphics Design student in Knoxville, TN and am working on a poster project. My poster is for the Cherry Blossom Festival currently taking place in Washington, DC, and I'd like to incorporate a graphic of a Japanese seal with the characters for "Sakura Matsuri" on it.

My computer cannot display Japanese characters so perhaps someone w/ a drawing program could send me an ATTACHMENT of the drawn characters. I use Illustrator and Photoshop which support most file formats. And if you could explain how the characters translate and any other interesting info about them----I'm really enjoying the education I'm getting on Japanese history and culture in doing this project.

Thanks so much,
Shelley Williams
Sakura Matsuri

Hi Shelley,

welcome to our board. Your question may not qualify as frequent, but you have picked the right forum. :)

I have created a little .gif file below. I hope I could help you. If you have further questions, don't hesitate.


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Hi, Shelley. Did you get what you needed for your Sakura Matsuri image? I can provide an image for you, too, if you need it. I have Japanese script fonts (what is known as a brush font in Japan), if you would prefer. The block fonts are easier to read, but the brush fonts are more attractive for graphics, etc. There also is a single character for Matsuri, which means 'festival'. although 'Matsuri' is most often written in hiragana, as was demonstrated by Nahoko-san, the image you want might be better served with a single character.

Anyway, if you wish, holler. Send me an email ([email protected]) and I will gladly give you a hand.

Todd is right, matsuri is usually written in hiragana, but can also be written in kanji. Please find the kanji-only version attached. :)


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