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This is the online members story!!!!

1 Apr 2004
Like the epic battle thread, every member continues the story,
This is how it start:

Long time ago.....when humans were still able to communicate with fairies, dark witches and demons terrorized the world and valiant knights to fight them.....In a lost country named Jerefia......
Live a young knight and his little sister........decised to venge their deceased parents......
(continue please....) :D
The Young knight was proud and hot blooded whereas the sister was quiet and shy.
It seems the knight took his character and fencing abilities after his father who was one of the finest knight the kingdom ever had, whereas his sister inheritated of the beauty and the magic skills of her mother.
Both remembered when the royal guards came into their house annoucing that their parents died in their battle against THIS THING...
Yes... THE THING...an unknown and mysterious entity who destroyed the northern country in one night, turning it into a dead wasteland ...
Soon after, they were took in by their aunt who had no children.
Both of them lived since then training their skills days and nights.

One day, while the brother was doing some moves in the forest a shadow passed over his head.
knight: "Oh no! Aunt Baenrye is in the forest !"

(now it's up to someone else) :D
His sister, who was watching him for awhile, asked surprised: "who's Aunt Baenrye?"
Her brother then looked carefully around, as he explained: "She's one of the surbordinates of THAT THING!"
The young girl quikly stood up and was ready to fight, as she thought it would attack them any time.
"it's ok", her brother said calmely, "she has no fighting power. Her only ability is to spy on our kingdom for THAT THING."
The wind blew into their faces her face, as (I name her, ok?) Serenety set back on the trunk she was sitting on before. She swept her long hair back and wondered: "how can we tack revenge on THAT THING, if we don't even know what or where it is?"
Her brother turned to her: "We will have to find out somehow...", he looked hopelessly to the ground.
"Don't worry, brother. We will make it somehow..."

(somebody continue please! ^^)
As she was saying these words, a cold wind suddently blew, and scared animals started to run everywhere. A strange gas was coming from the inner forest and the atmosphere became tense.Serenity started to feel nervous.
"Bro...do you...?"
she stopped her sentence as she saw her brother's sword shaking.
"What....what's happening? I have a bad feeling...it's as if all my strength was drained from me...everything left to me is the will to run away...".
As he was saying these words a long moaning rose, as if the whole forest was in pain and the gas became a dark thick cloud. Serenity couldn't see her brother anymore...
"Bro! I can't see you! Where are you?!"
But nobody answered her...

(please continue) 😊
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Surounded by the darkness, Serenity suddenly felt scarred. The first time after her parents died.
'Was even her brother to be taken away from her?', she thought nervously.
She could hear sounds, no, voices of spirits who couldn't rest after their death. Revenge, that was all they wanted. But what could she do? She felt totally helpless without her brother.
"Brother!", she cried into the darkness, but there was no answer.
She looked qround herself, total darkness was surounding her. Suddenly she saw her mother infront of her.
"Mother!", she cried, trying to catch the blurr figure of the beautiful lady, "Don't go away, Mother!", she cried out, as the figure was slaugtered by a demon.
Serenity was left in tears. She did not know what she should do. The thought of her father came to her mind. At the same time, an illussion of her father appeared before her, but the same happened to him too. He too was killed right before her eyes and disappeared, as he fell to the ground.

"Brother", she mumbled now, lying on the ground, covered with tears.

(continue! ^^ 😄 )
Lying on the ground, terrified....
Serenity started to hear footsteps approaching her..... her heart started to beat more and more faster...
It was the demon...and it was'nt an illusion this time!
This green demon, sort of demons who lives in forest, is very aggressive
when he is hungry.
He walked around Serenity.....stopped.....and attacked her!!
Suddenly her brother appeared from nowhere and cutted the head of the demon.
Then her brother said:
-Serenity! get up! hurry!
-Why? you beated him!
-no....green demons are never alone.......
(continue please :D )
Serenity, now as she saw her brother again, regained her inner strength and fighting spirit and forced herself up. The darkness disappeared, but a thick forge was lying on the ground.

"Brother, what are we to do now?", she asked, as she was ready to strike anything that was in sight with fire.
"Wait and be alert. They can some from anywhere and are extremely fast!", her brother said, ready to launch an attack.
"But how can we see in this thick forge?", his sister asked worried.
"That's why we have to be alert", he answered, "they will probably launch a group attack, now that one of them has been killed!"
Suddenly, Serenity sensed something, "I can smell the demonic power approching us, Brother!", she whispered.
They heard sceeching noises and suddenly, from every side, demons jumpped towards them, slashing with their sharp claws.
"Serenity!", her brother cried, as he slashed a demon who attacked her form the back.

It was a tough battle, but after several attemps, the green demons, so called, retreated.
"Brother!", Serenity said worried, "are you alright?"
"yes, just a few scraches, nothing much", he mummbled, "how bout you? Did they hurt you?", he raised his head and looked at her.
"No, brother, but you...", she was cut through by her brother who said: " I'm fine, let's go back home now."
Though deeply wounded, her brother made it back home. Serenity, who was awfully worried, got a doctor to look at the wounds.
"So? How is he, doctor?", she asked worried, after the doctor examined her brother.
The doctor sighted and said:

(continue! ^^=)
[Esca watched through the open window with a grin of approvement. The battle had been long and tedious yet effective. Both were suffering wounds yet the brother seemed more worse then the doctor. Gaining a sample of both their blood strains was the beginning and now he had almost everying he needed from the pair....his plan was comeing alone nicely!]

"Thank you both for providing these samples!" barked Esca sitting outside the window ina tree, smiling as always did barring his fangs with enjoyment.
"You don't know have important your to my cause!" was the last thing he said before his body dissipated into thin air.

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The doctor sighted and said:
-I am sorry Serenity.......your brother......was.....poisoned by the demons!
-What does that mean??!!Replied Serenity.
-Well.....your brother will...ehm....its health will worsen...unless he take an antidote...
-I will find this antidote!!!I have to save my brother!
-You see ....Serenity...this antidote can only be found in the dark kingdom where the "thing" live...
Suddenly, Serenity's brother woke up.

-I will go with her no matter my health! I cant let her go all alone !!!
(please continue :D )
(I think i'm gonna name the brother since it'll make the things easier. Well how about Cyrian?)
The doctor said:
"I know you since you were little Cyrian...and i know that i can't stop you when you want to do something..."
Serenity stood up:
"No ! You can't !! I'll go by myself !!"
Helgi tried to get out of the bed but he couldn't even stand up.
"What are you trying to prove ?!" yelled Serenity as her tears were dropping on the floor. The doctor didn't knew what to do anymore.
"I...must...go...I have to avenge...our parents..." he heard while looking in the eyes full of determination of the young swordman.
After a while the doctor finally said:
"There might be a way for you to recover temporary...but..."
Serenity asked:
"But what?"
The doctor stopped and faced the window.
"But it'll require you Serenity to share your life energy with him..."
An empty atmosphere suddently filled the room. Everyone was at a loss for words.
After one minute of silence Serenity finally said:
"Fine...i'll do it if that's what my bro want..."
Cyrian tried to interfere :
"No you can't !" he said while coughing.
Suddently the familiar sound of a flute could be heard from the outside.
"This Melody! Could this be...?" said Serenity.

(now it's someone else's turn) 😌
"Mother! Mother's favourite tune!", Cyrian cried.
Serenity ran out as fast as she could, but tripped at the edge of the door step.
"Serenity!", Cyrian cried, "don't go out!"
But Serenity was already hypnotised by the strange tune, which gradually changed.
"Serenity!", Cyrian cried again, trying to walk out to pull his sister back.
"No, Cyrian! You can't!", the doctor said fermely.
"Why?!", Cyrian asked, "why are you just standing there?! Do something!!"
"I can't...", the doctor said.
In the mean while, Serenity was seeing illusions of her mother again.
"Mother!", she cried.
"Come here, Serenity", her mother said, "come closer to me."
Serenity stood up and walked closer.

"We have to stop her", the doctor said then.
"I feel like my whole body is getting weaker and I can't move it...", Cyrian said.
"Same here", the doctor said, "with every step, she is going away from us."

Suddenly a strange girl jumped out of a bush and said :
-hahaha! I will catch you this time!!

A little montster with a flute appeared and got captured by the girl!

-What....What happened? Asked Serenity.
(girl).Hum??....oh...Sorry..I did'nt notice there was someone else^^!
The lindkorons create illusions to bring the childrens in the forest!
mhhhm....so Lindkoron captured ...next...

-Who are you?
-My name is Heilisthana, I am a healer apprendice but my hobby is to capture monsters!
-Oh! You are a healer my brother is terribly sick.... please can you help him?
(Please continue 😏 )
suddenly, by some twist of fate, everyone relized Serenity was just an emotion, and really it was just the girl that was schizofrenic and had multiple personalities...

as it turned out, every person mentioned so far was just another one of her personalities, and inside her head raged an epic battle...
As those words rang inside her head, Serenity regained some conciousness. She was still under the music influence. The girl and the lindkorons were just another illusion. For how much time was she being fooled like this?
"You...you...you won't be able to manipulate my mind like this !!"
She said while breaking through the spell of the demonic flute.
Serenity then heard a laught.
"Muwahahahaha indeed your mind is strong but now how about testing your
magical power?"
Saying that a hamlyn appeared.
Hamlyns looked cute but they were dwightful monsters with trememdous magical powers and the ability to brainwash their victims by making them lose the sens of reality. However Serenity was really angry. This...this monster tried to control her...
Suddently the air became as cold as ice andeverything seemed to stop.
"Impossible...this spell...?!" said the Hamlyn.
"You twisted monster...i won't forgive you!!!" She yelled as she was casting
the most powerful ice spell she knew.
" Spirits of ice, anger of the nature i beseech you...kzal erglyn tzテシl dar tzテシl...this is mother nature's testamento...became my weapon and destroy my ennemy...AURORA BOREALIS!!!!!!!!!"
The Hamlyn never understood what happened...
As she destroyed the creature, turning it into thin ice dust, she heard:
"You may have vanquished me today but my master will kill you like he killed your parents..."
Then the scenery became blurry and slowly faded away...
(to be continued)

Suddenly Cyrian jumped out of the bed and saw the doctor and Serenity!!
hum? what happened ?where are the girl and the flute...the monster?a dream?
-What are you talking about????
-oh no....he started to become delirious!

P.S. We are creating a story and not a battle!!!
Everyone is free to continue but it has to follow the storyline!!
(lol it's getting so funny! ^^=)

"It... it was a dream btother, I think you had a nightmare", Serenity said, not wanting her brother to be worried.
"A... Dream...", he repeted it a few times until he dropped back into the bed.

"Er-hem...", the doctor looked at Serenity, who just smiled back innocently.
"Btw Doctor, can we now continue the healing process of my brother?", she asked.
"Well... it will be very complicated, my dear",the doctor replied.
"But it will still keep him alive for awhile, wouldn't it? So we just HAVE to try", Serenity insisted.
"It's dangerous and we might fail in it. The chances are 50%", the doctor explained, "if we fail, it might cost both your lives!"
"I don't want to live, if my brother leaves me!", Serenity cried, now in tears.
"No, you can't risk it, Serenity!", the doctor continued, "if you die, who will avenge your parents?"
Serenity looked at her brother, who as in a deep sleep. He seemed to have a pleasent dream.
"Oh, mother... what should I do...", she said softly to herself.
Suddenlly, a bright light appearedinfront of her and she saw her mother, "Don't give up, Serenity! One day, you and Cyrian will live in a peaceful land, but for now, you have to pull yourselves together and fight."
"Mother...", Serenity whisppered, "what should I do?"

(continue!! ^^=)
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