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26 Jan 2004

I really don't know what cought my interest in Japan and japanese culture, but i must say that it cought me deep in it. Anyhow lets see what i am beside a Japan-fan.

I live in Sweden for the moment with my lovely family of mother, father, big sister, little brother and little sister. I've lived here for hmm.. soon 9 years, wich makes 52.9411% of my life. For you mathematical genious you have probably guessed that i am 17 years old.

Before i got here to sweden i lived in the beautiful south-american country Argentina. 8 years. Although i was actually born here in sweden and moved along with my parents at my age of 3 month.

Well, enough of the boring stuff. The swedish culture and country has started to boring me, so any cultural exchange was very welcome the last 2 years. At my new school (highschool) i met some new friends and started to discover Anime. Oh lord! This was something that filled my heart with joy, you anime-lovers probably knows what I'm talking about... And as a followup from that i began to study Japanese, (we managed to get enough signatures to start the basic japanese course in our school), so once again something from the strange country of Japan cought my interest. This time it was getting more serious, and about one month ago i decided to do whatever needed to get to japan.

My plan was in the beginning to just enjoy the culture and everything that Japan has to offer for some months. But that dream was partially broken when i realized how much money that would cost. However i found a close solution, i was going to study Japanese for a year and therefore try to get a scholarship. This dream will hopefully get true in about 1.5 year. (Actually it's only on the first phase of planning, so any help on how i could manage it is highly apreciated.)

So, what am I doing here? First i got here searching the web for people with the same dreams as I and also trying to find usefull information on making my dream come true.

Aaalright.. i think that is for now. I could probably write 10 more pages but that will only bore you out ;)

I apreciate any mail or private messages cause i love to talk! I hope to be able to hang aroud this forums a bit more.. so see you around!! 🙂

Konnichiwa Hideki-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum and good luck to you!🙂

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