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10 Mar 2003
Hey all.
I see everyone introduce themselves.. my mom told me that if you can't beat them, join them...

I am 20 years of age.
I live in Hamamatsu-shi, where I spend most my time study Japanese, I am not working right now, so I save every Yen.

I guess it all started 4-5 years back, with Video Games ("Legend of Zelda", to be exact) I just figured that the ppl who can make such a wonderful game, can probably do just about anything.
When I had to wait a whole year for 'Zelda: Majoras Mask' to come out in English, I decided to study Japanese. And when I heard that Shenmu II probably wouldn't be out in English, I packed my things and moved to Japan (well, it wasn't that easy but you get the picture).

Unfortunately, I will be going back to the Holy Land of terror, which I have the misfortune to call home, this April 12.. Hope to be back in Japan one day, as I feel this place still have things to teach me.

dozo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

Greetings and welcome :)
Speaking of games, Shenmue was one of many titles I bought for my Japanese Dreamcast library when I was there. Ahh... memories. Enjoy your stay.
welcome to the board dswbg, enjoy your stay, and they released shenmue 2 in english but only on the xbox >.< ... though you probally already knew that, but i just keep talking... ok i'll shut up now, have fun
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