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this guy is an idiot!!!


15 Nov 2002
regardless of how people may feel about the war in iraq, I wish idiots like this guy would at least do some research into what he's writing about before making blatant, outdated statements that is just so way off the mark from reality that you know the only thing he knows about japan is what he saw from some hollywood movie from the 50's or early '60's of the last century.....

the guy writes: ツ"Just think: if we all woke up one day living in some alternate history, as in Phillip (sic) K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle, our cultural malaise would disappear overnight. Instead of listening to the latest loutish lyrics of Eminem, American teenagers would be contemplating the subtle beauty of the Japanese tea ceremony . If contemporary Japan is any clueツ… the literacy rate would skyrocket. Certainly everyone's manners would improve. All in all, life would be far more civilized.ツ"

sure the literacy rate may skyrocket, just so the students can take their entrance exams during their pre-school years, just so they can get into the "right" kindergarten, in order to take an entrance exam for their elementary school, to later take an entrance exam for their junior high school, so they can learn their engrish to take the entrance exam for their high school, in order to take the entrance exam for their university, so that they can take their entrance exam for their job, that is no longer guaranteed....forget the tea ceremony....kids are more into rock bands than koto music.....(although there is at least one artist that is mixing shamisen with rock tunes)...
also, the guy obviously has never heard the J-rappers screaming their lyrics of engrish nonsense against the audience who has even less of a clue to what is being said....

in short, the guy is a complete clueless fool, never been to japan, and has never even bothered to read the latest news in engrish from japan....it's to laugh.....

what is that computational statement? if what goes in is garbage, then all results are garbage, too.... :D

the article:
Behind the Headlines

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Re: hmmm

Originally posted by den4
why is idiot ok but m-o-r-o-n is asterisked out?

Because I haven't updated the swear list yet. No need so far. ;)

Interesting link, will read it later on.
Speaking of idiots, check this guy out:


"Jody Mason of Olympia is locked to the Washington State Grange office building Tuesday to protest war. He intended to chain himself to a federal Department of Energy office building, but discovered he was at the wrong location."

Just goes to show that not all protesters have a good head on their shoulders... *sighs* 8-p


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On the Iraq situation, first of all I can't understand the protestor's way of thinking. That guy that chained himself to part of the building deserves to be left there....I've posted here from time to time and I do so because I like these columns. I read everything and though my education is not up there where it should be I sometimes have a bit of trouble reading between the lines, but do enyoy what I read. I guess I'm one of the fortunate ones as I spent somewhere up to three years in Japan, both as military and a civilian. I studied Japanese there as well as in the states and due to a poor Recall Memory which I've had all my life I speak it badly. My time in Japan was during the early post war years. I saw Japan what it was at that time, a sorrowful mess but quickly rebuilding. I guess if I went over there today I'd never believe what I see. I read today of the machine the dispences girls panties, I'd have to see that one. I'm a late senior citizen, and still extremely interested in Japan. I would really appreciate it if one of our readers is out there could make contact me and could hash over those early years.
I must admit, i'm actually envious of your experiences. To have witnessed firsthand Japan's early post war years would be quite the insightful and informative experience to say the least.
I've been telling everyone I am a barbarian (follow den4's posted link)for years and all I get is ツ"oh, Mandylion-san, you are so funny. Have some more sake.ツ"
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