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This goes out to Shigatsu


Gag me with a spoon
19 Nov 2003
Since I know how much she just loves my writings, here's another.

The torches burn, the wind is screaming
Against the shore, the townspeople realize
What swords are for, no one's living anymore
Freedom dies

March of death, comes to the homestead
With axes raised, half the city is dead
Children stare, upon the southern riders
Rebels rise

The lives of them all crumble and fall, their homes are left in flames
The beings left there, come together, they will rise against their shame
Homestead rebellion, fight the hellions that set to pillage and bleed

The hills of the night, rumble with the sound of men's battle cry
Defending or destroying
The lives of the weak, trying their hardest to uphold the meek

Yeah, I know the ending is rather abrupt, and it is awfully short, but I'm sure Shigatsu will just love it anyway.

Shigatsu might find it faster if you send it as a PM.

Do you want other people to comment too?
Mandy, its a part of my 'freindliness' to her. Saying it was just for her was a sarcastic type pun.

I really posted it for everyone to read if they wanted.
wow, thanks Winter.

I'll have to agree with Mandylion though..you should of sent it to me in a PM so no one else would have to waste their time reading it...
oh, and that way I could just delete it :D

But, again, thanks!

How wonderful we all get to share in this blossoming love affair!!


With Valentine's coming up, I'll have to get you something Shi-shi-chan.
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