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Thinking of trying to read my first ever Japanese book. Recommendations?


16 Sep 2003
I know my knowledge of kanji and grammar is still pretty poor, but I'd stil like to find out if I'm good enough to read a Japanese book. I have a pretty good dictionary, a decent kanji book, and this site will help me if I run into problems with verb forms.

So, what would book(s) would you recommend for a beginner? How about a good children's book? Thanks in advance.
I'd probably suggest a bi-lingual book. There's a British publisher (Usbourne, I think) that publishes lots of bilingual kids books. I've also seen some nice folktale books published by another publisher. There may also be some stories online; and I believe someone else mentioned reading manga. I'll dig for some information; though I'm sure there are folks here who will have all sorts of good ideas.
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