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14 Mar 2002
Funny thing. Today MSN.co.jp reported that Belgian police issued instructions to 4.700 local fans ("rowdies and hooligans") that are going to attend the soccer worldcup in Japan. These pamphlets mention a long list of things that Japanese police wouldn't tolerate under any circumstances. The MSN article further explains that even if such behaviour is accepted in Europe, it certainly isn't in Japan. The no-nos include

- using drugs
- dumping garbage on the street
- wearing T-shirts with offensive slogans
- nudity in public

Hey, what a bunch of "southern barbarians" we Europeans seem to be...

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lol .... my students wear offensive T-shirts in school all the time.
What the heck?

It's not like half the populace have seen the typical ::
marajuana T-shirt
juicy girls (err well this was a magazine at one time -- fashion! not erotica)
F_ck You with middle finger.
ect ... hehe .. I should make offensive japanese Kanji T-Shirts

using drugs?
LOL ... 2 parts of Sapporo are called AZABU (referring to material made from hemp) and the other OASA (also read as TAIMA) meaning HEMP. the weed grows along the shoreline up here ;)

dumping garbage on the streets,
hmmm if you didn't then the cleaning obasans (old ladies) would be put out of jobs, the crows would starve, and you'd have to take down all the signs that say don't chuck your can out of car window.

nudity in public,
Japan would have to fire plenty of comedians who find it hillarious to drop their pants on stage or TV. The drunks who take a leek on the nearest building, and let's not forget those who change their trousers along the road.

gee am I in a bad mood or is this whole world cup and hooligan thing is starting to irk me .... probably it's all the shops, bars, that are preparing to turn away customers becuase they "might be hooligans" while at the same time the City of Sapporo erected this wonderful multi-lingual monument in front of Sapporo Train Station which is essentially the middle of the City.
lolol:clap: 👏

now that was worth the reading, I know now why all the europeans are going to japan, its not for the football anyway lol,

👏 great sign when such a well balanced view of it all can be posted with humour

sorry back to the football,
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