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13 Oct 2003
Does anyone know of any websites where you can download video files, cartoons, short stories etc. that are done in Japanese AND have a script to accompany them? By scripts I mean exact copies of what was being said in the file. The scripts can be in Japanese because I'll translate what's being said, but I know only 600 Kanji so I might have trouble reading upper intermediate-advanced written dialogue because of Kanji. However the spoken part in the file can be of any difficulty, the harder it is the better I'll learn. Oh and no Romaji if possible, please..

I was thinking online Japanese newscasts and stories would work nicely if they were accompanied with what was being said. I'm looking for non-textbook spoken Japanese, as in real-paced Japanese the way natives speak it.

Can anyone be a big help and point me in the direction of any of these? You'd be my hero

Try this, 2next.net/swf/gyakuten/

It's a flash movie game with Japanese caption. but it may be difficult to translate, because it's included some "2 channel" terms. "2 channel" is the most famous bulletin board in Japan.
if you don't know how to translate that terms or have a question, please feel free to inquire.
There doesn't seem to be any spoken dialogue in that flash movie.. but check out TBS NEWS its a news site. They have video and scripts in japanse and english. That should help you out i hope.
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