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They call me Machine for a reason.


29 Jan 2003
Okay, Im going to gut a 70 Ford Mustang, Put a Camaro transmission in it, Widen the hood and body a bit and put a Goliath motor in it (Goliath is the same thing they use for big rigs) and because my Mustang's body was converted to Carbon fiber it oughtta get up and go, especialy since I just put a new n0s kit in it, Just looking for views and opinions ( P.S ) I can easily shrink the hood and body back if I dont like the result.
Erm... is it true that there is no such thing as exhaust emission regulations in the US? :)
Yeah well, that was kinda my point. Owning and driving a car is so much cheaper in the US, then here in Holland.

Street racing is a very expensive hobby, due to the huge amount of environmental tax we pay overhere. People do streetrace overhere, but it's not as popular as in the US.

Sounds like you're going to build one mean machine. Do post pictures of it once it's finished.
I will, but I would say it would take me about a year or more, right now im planning to get an Eclipse, even though they are front wheel drive, I could recalibrate the accelaration to make it rear.
Oooh ooh! if only I had 2 grand! did anybody see the Jan.31 Auto trader!? 70 Ford Mustang, just like I need! I was thinking to myself, Why changea 70 ford mustang's engine. Im going to save up and get another one and fix it up. The Goliath is going to have to go in the Eclipse.
A friend of mine recently bought a 4WD Eagle Talon, which is the same as an Eclipse. It's a bit heavy though.
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