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The Yakuza


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14 Mar 2002
Steven Seagal plans a remake of The Yakuza (original made in 1975 directed by Sidney Pollack, with Robert Mitchum and Takakura Ken starring).


Btw, don't underestimate this guy: he's fluent in Japanese and studied Buddhism in Japanese and Tibetan monasteries.

Read the following interview with Steven

That's as maybe, but who can take him seriously? Considering his past pedigree, I won't be chacking out this film.

I reckon his best part was in Executive Decision, where he dies in the first 20 minutes. . .
Hm, I'm not sure if Steven, Arnie, Sylvester or Jean-Claude really care whether we take them serious or not. We should ask them once over a decent havanna in one of their 300-room mansions, lolol.
Ah don't bash on him to much, I don't like all of his movies but I used to practice Aikido and I enjoy seeing his little harder style of the martial art :) Had a chance to meet him once but work prevented me from going to France and to get a chance to practice with him and other great Senseis but a friend of mine went and he actually thought he was A-ok...
i think seagal is a wimp with a ponytail, but i will probably watch this movie, but not in the cinema.
God bless american digi cameras and screening DvDs.
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he runs funny, but i don't know if i would tell it to his face -- i'm not scared or nothing like that, but he got good taste in wimmen, who he rollin wit now?
but how is somebody gonna have a videocam record stuff before that particular model is even invented? boody dude
i have this discussion going w a friend of mine of who is better: s segal or s stallone(actually we two know:they are both crap)- i always take stallones side cause more of his movies were better...i know segals got a teachers dan in aikido but most of his efforts are just pathetic (as are those of stallone but...blahblahblah)...dochi demo hetakuso...*hahaha*..btw most of arnolds movies are even better than those of the guys metioned above (t3 was real sh*t though)...
Yeah, I kinda don't think that there is a lot to all of their movies. It's just the storyline I never follow. Most of the time you just go to see someone get beat down. Not really quality or anything. At least it isn't Tom Sellick making another Mr. Baseball. That was crap on a stick.

Oh and I have seen the guy on Mad TV do that Segal impression. It always ends with someone disagreeing with him, and him breaking their neck. Priceless.
Really? Well, it should be interesting. I'm quit interested in anything dealing with the Yakuza including movies.

I've actually never seen the original version of 'The Yakuza' though.

lol. I'm so lazy. :sleep:
Segal is a fat tool who beats his wife.
Real gentleman huh?

Who cares.


Want some sick Yakuza movies
Fudoh The Next Generation
Dead or Alive
Bullet in the Head
Boiling Point

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