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The use of Kansai Wide area Pass


1 Mar 2017
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Below is my Itinerary for 5 day out of 12, the rest being within the central Osaka, Namba and near by area where the subway is more convenience. But for the list below, what passes will you recommend to use, of all the passes available I do see the Kansai Wide Area Pass is best fit, although for some locations, I do have to consider using other forms of transport not covered by the pass if I want a trouble free, less connection train service and the lease time travel. but I'm also confused about using the Kansai Wide Area Pass, when they say it covers the use of Shinkansen and limited express trains for non reserved seats, as I know there is a extra supplement fee to pay when using these two types of train service (normally), does the Kansai Wide Area Pass include these cost.

My visit will be November 16th to the 20th, will non reserve seats be available, I've heard that usually the golden week, Sakura and holidays are really busy.

Lastly would you consider this Itinerary do able.

Day 4
Arima Onsen

Day 5
Suma Aqualife Park

Kobe Animal Kingdom

Kobe China Town

Day 6

Day 7
Arashiyama Monkey Park

Bamboo Grove


Kyoto Aquarium

Day 8

Philosopher's Path

Nishiki Market

Fushimi Inari Taisha

For Kyoto area I will be staying overnight, total two days to explore the area.
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