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The use of 切れ長の目


10 Sep 2016
In a japanese novel is written that somebody has long an narrow eyes / almond eyes / slit eyes:
I would like to know how japanese people use this word:

- Do it always mean an "almond /slit eye" reffering to the origin of the man / women in question coming from Asia (or other land, where people have eyes like this)?
- Or could it be used for europeans too who have no asian origins - so in the meaning simply "long and norrow" eyes?

I would be happy if somebody could tell.
Thank you very much. (What I expected.)
I used different dictionaries and was surprised that almost every of them listed "almond eyes", because I have read that usually it's called: something like "double-folded eyes" (sorry I don't know the right english term for it).
Yes, I guess, it is. (that article was in german without any japanese or english term for it - just described the difference in the way of thinking based on the description of people in differnt languages)
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