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The truth of radioactive half-life and it's horrific

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19 Mar 2017
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The truth about radioactive half-life, and how horrific it really is outside the laboratory, in the real world. (Radioactive Material) Some other similar things talked about too.

In order to convince the public that nuclear power is safe, a politically correct version of half-life was created by the USA government (politicians and the military for money and fear). So, that they could create weapons grade radioactive material in massive amounts. Many nuclear weapons have been made and used, including by other countries like Britain, France and the Russia (Same amount as USA Basically). Ten thousand plus by the USA alone have been detonating, lots above ground, until scientist in mass, started complaining about the background radiation levels increasing, on the entire planet. How bad is it really, to make even government scientists complain? Other countries too, were detonating nuclear weapons. Lucky for us, politicians and the military have to live on earth too.

How half-life is taught to the average person, is that, you have an radioactive element or compound, and over a certain period of time, depending upon what it is, it spontaneously converts to another element and releases various forms of energy in the process. Basically, it keeps halving itself, and releasing energy. Then there Is, a new element, with new properties.

If you were to look at a periodic table of the elements, you may notice that only the most basic properties of radioactive materials are listed. I believe this is because, the physical properties of these radioactive materials are so dangerous, the government does not want to scare people. For example, Depleted Uranium which is not radioactive, but highly toxic still, has been depleted (removed) of radioactive uranium. Still, when you hit it really hard, it burst into flames. Or you make it, hit something really hard, like make it into DU rounds. I assume radioactive uranium Is the same. Maybe not.

This is what I think, occurs in real life, with radioactive materials. At first, when a radioactive material like Uranium, or a Uranium compound is refined, you have a fairly pure form of this material (yellow cake). But because of half-life, right away, even before it makes it to the reactor, some of it has already converted to another radioactive material. Now you have two radioactive materials.

Remember, half-life is a statistic, based on the behavior of the materials. If a scientist had a single atom or molecule of that material. Well, he or she could not tell you, when it will change into a new material. They have no clue. Some transforms, in less than a second, to a new material. Some of that material takes an extremely long time to convert, and everything in between. Some radioactive materials have a half-life of more than a million years, much more. Put in building, not designed to last a hundred years, that need heavy maintenance (lots of $$$$), with substandard safety systems. Heavy maintenance alone makes them substandard. So, does a short life span. Don’t worry though, Star Trek will fix everything. A TV show.

The general public was assured, there would never be any nuclear disasters with our nuclear reactors, our type of nuclear reactors, like Japan has. Let alone another built-in critical safety flaw. It requires an external power source, to keep the safety (coolant) systems up and running. I spotted this, in like, grade nine, or ten, in school.

Remember like a kilogram of radioactive materials, like Uranium, or Plutonium, or Radium, was suppose to run a large city for a year? I think they are making hugely oversized reactors to make massive amounts of warhead materials. Regardless of the cost to us, in various ways, and to the planet. I have seen pictures of Russian mobile reactors the size of a dump truck, or smaller, generating, I think it was 50 megawatts. Megawatts anyway. Using Plutonium, if I remember correctly. USA submarine reactors are suppose to be the size of a fridge, and can power a submarine. Including generate fresh water, from breaking down and recombining sea water.

Big reactors create massive amount of radioactive waste needlessly. I guess they are optimized for warhead material production, and not, efficiency of use of the radioactive material (slower use of radioactive fuels). Fast breeder reactors for example, I think are even faster. I have also heard it stated by a scientist, on a major US TV news outlet, that there are hundreds of ways, to generate power from nuclear materials.

How do satellites generate nuclear power? Ask AC360 or that US carrier flotilla that was suppose to get the Plutonium power core from that downed satellite that was going to crash into a ocean. Real hard to find information about that event. Might be easier after this, but is it the truth? Is the truth out there? A Plutonium metal core. Pure metal of highly energetic radioactive material compared to Uranium. Various forms of Plutonium have a half-life from 14 years to 24 thousand years. I doubt they are using the short half-life versions in satellites, as it’s converting too fast. So, it was a highly pure metal percentage wise. Greater than 90 percent anyway I would guess. A chart of some forms of Plutonium here Physical, Nuclear, and Chemical Properties of Plutonium - Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Hope it’s right.

Back to my earlier example. So now we have 2 materials from one. Within a matter of minutes some of that 2nd material is going to convert itself into a 3rd material with yet again different properties, that the government is too scared to inform the public about. Or the 4th or 5th material, etc. I should say “and” the 4th and 5th materials, etc. When you see on TV, ever few years, videos or radioactive waste being moved around, it’s done slowly, on some robotic convoy rail, and very smoothly (gently). Form one water coolant storage place to another basically.

As years go by, you have a more diverse mixture of materials. This radioactive pile of materials, becomes more and more unstable (radioactive waste), with a greater and greater degree of unpredictability and compound complexity. It is also hot, and heat speeds up chemical reactions (interactions). This material mixture, also contains at least trace amounts of contaminants. Look at what trace amounts of contaminants (doping) does to Silicon Dioxide. It creates semiconductors, you know diodes, transistors, etc. Heat also makes chemical reactions more violent, possible explosive. Some explosives and rapid burning materials like gunpowder, are shock and static electricity sensitive.

You must be careful in even handling fairly small amount of gunpowder. The largest batches you can buy of gunpowder in, is a kilo or a pound, or it might explode. Because of oxidization, heat builds up internally, and might cause a premature detonation. No record of this happening with that amount of material, in separate containers. Storing large amounts of gunpowder itself in water, would even be safer of course. Bit of a pain to dry out, unless it was self heating and drying piles.

Did you know that after it’s first year on TV, Star Trek was canceled, but got put back on air? I believe this was done to convince people, that you don’t need to worry about the problems, like this, that various governments created, and will create in the future, for you and your family. Because Star Trek (science and technology) will fix it. We still can’t fix it, but don’t worry, in the far off distant future, Star Trek will fix it. Well I believe, that’s one of the reasons it was put back on air. Another is that simplistic and shallow thinking processes, that are easy to implement for governments, but don’t really fix anything, well can fix everything, on TV anyway. Quick and easy, and let’s move on to the next problem (episode) fellow bureaucrats (election time), and do it over again. Well, it works on TV.

Star Trek use to be on TV, in the mourning, and after school too, and free to get off air locally before cable TV. Still might be. So, people kind of think, politicians can be like Star Trek captains. Easy fixes that don’t really work, and not interfere with other people, in other countries, (leader only “non-interference”) because you think it’s normal and progressive. Kind of funny, an American TV show, were all the red coats “red shirts” die all the time. Unless they are teaching kids, that security people, should throw there lives away for the leadership of a ship, or leaders in general. As long as you believe it’s important enough to die for, and to kill for, but kids are watching so it’s only stun. Bad guys kill, we only stun (arrest).

Ways of though, and what you believe as a child, become ingrained, and hard to change. This is well known and understood. Also, taken advantage of by various governments, in government schools for children to young adults. TV shows too of course, teach you, to kind of, think and believe certain things. Repetition is a really good way to “retrain” a persons thinking processes. The military does it all the time. So is, using that knowledge in various ways, a good way to “retrain” you. School assignments, projects, government information sessions for adults, talk shows, news shows, etc. The show must go on.

George Albert Collins

A modern day human rights activist. You are a threat to your government now. They have limited resources to use against you. Especially if you force them to spread those resources out. So tell people, let them read this.

When you complain about the human rights abuses of your own country, against yourself, or other people. You get treated like human rights activists do in Asian countries. The government does whatever it can to you, whenever they can. They never stop. To your family too, to limit your logistics, like a bed to sleep on. Same with business people, when they can get away with it, especially to I.T. people, after letting staff harass you. Now you are just another homeless person among many. With only the same options they have, at best.

By the way. All modern warfare is economic warfare (cold war). That’s getting your money from you. No one takes more money from you, than your own government. Therefore, your own government is at a state of war with you. So is every other government on the planet. How did the stock market turn out for you, years ago? Did you lose your money? Guess who got it? A vast wealth transfer took place. Not one guilty person got punished. This is the justice you get, when the government is involved, especially when involved up to it’s eyeballs. (They all were.) The government wants to be involved in everything up to it’s eyeballs, and is more and more. All of the governments, all over the planet. They will do anything to you, and everyone else, that makes themselves richer, no matter the consequences to you and society. Power and wealth, is all they care about. But that’s for another time.

There is no such thing as real justice anymore, with the government, getting involved in everything, more and more. Only on TV, in TV shows, is there pretend of justice and freedom, real fake, only on TV, freedom and justice. Never for you, or anyone you know in real life, in the real world. That’s because there is no real justice anymore, with the government getting involved in everything. Especially when it’s bad, like the stock market “scandal”. Try not to giggle with them, when they say “scandal” on the TV news. Because it’s just funny kind of, only kind of, because they did it to you, and to everyone else. Otherwise, it would be just funny or “silly”.

Don’t forget the helpful “talk shows”. That make you feel like you expressed yourself, and vented some frustrations, by listening to some jokes, and or comments. But nothing happened really. Or when people were getting really angry, all of that anger was directed at one person, in the stock market or government. Can’t remember who now. Till people calmed down. Then that stopped too. We all are supremely managed by TV. The show must go on.

The differences between my country Canada, and a hard core communist country, are becoming smaller and smaller. Once you turn off the TV, or stop believing the TV. Well, there is very little difference. Which is easy to tell, once you are made poor, and reliant on the government, like me. Eventually everyone knows they are poor (own nothing) because the government owns everything, in communism, or group consensus government, or whatever new word they come up with, if any. For your own good of course. Just a matter of time now for everyone. They will then, all know, and still wave their flags, as the tanks roll by, or suffer the consequences, serious physical prison style consequences now. They all, wanted it all, at our expense, and now they all have nothing. Just like us. They are simply not aware of it yet.

The working poor, and dependent on the government, already know this, to one degree or another, and learn to give up trying mostly. So, you despair, and turn to drugs and alcohol, for there is nothing else for you. That’s the way the politicians want it, for just me and you now, but all later. With no justice, or real rule of law, there is only the rule of force, which is fear and violence

So, you will then despair for yourself, and your family, but must pretend not to. So, now we know why, in communist countries, lots of people, especially men, are alcoholics (they despair). Canada is widely known as the party capital of the world. A different spin on the same thing. Better PR on TV. Women drink a lot in these countries too, just like in Canada. They only ever show, young people drinking, not older people. Definitely not older people talking and drinking. They never encourage older people and younger people to talk together. Always some nasty remark(s) on TV, from young people to an older person, to keep you behaving a certain way, and not learning the truth of “life” too soon. They do not want younger people to learn the truth, until too lake. Poor and broke now too, and hopefully dependent on the government, and scared to say anything, because your situation is so desperate now, and will stay that way.

First, the government makes you use up your life savings, then the “help” is offered. If they can get away with it, as little as possible if offered and delivered. They think keeping you dirt poor, without a penny in your pocket, is a perfectly acceptable way for poor people to live. They want to pass you around, to various government departments, and do. This is what it’s really like. There is always some problem in the help you are forced to use. It doesn’t matter. No one will offer you a job afterwards still. That’s what you get. Go to a legal help event, there is no lawyers there, at a publicized event, because, I said out loud, I was going a few days before that. I’m a one man “scandal” with all levels of government including USA military personnel involved in it, around here. You now know, what it means when it’s a “scandal” with the government involved, up to it’s eyeballs.

Thousands of people were involved in harassing and tormenting and torturing me. In this city called Yellowknife of 10 to 15 thousand people. Many of the best of the best, from all layers of the government too. The R.C.M.P. for example, knew and joined in with them, a few joined in. Same with fire fighters one day, after someone pulled a fire alarm, and hundreds of people saw, what they did to me. Literally people were allowed to push me to the edge of committing suicide, multiple times over a period of years. Thousands of people knew the truth, and still the government, including the R.C.M.P. and N.W.T. Human Rights didn’t care. Was not even a consideration in their decision making towards me. I hope they know what that means.

If the same thing was done to other people, and it does happen to other people, and not just here, but everywhere in Canada. Most of the local population can know the truth, and they still would not care. This is our government, as it is today. That’s how bad things really are in Canada. Now some people know the truth, it can, and will be done to them, and is being done to them, in various ways. I’m happy to tell them how too, in other posts. Along with other people not from here. There is no justice for the poor and abused. Is it because, Canada is now like the former Soviet Union, or is there another reason? Does it matter what the reason is? No justice, is no justice for all, as soon as they need to do that to you. They then take everything you have, then manage you, but not help you, to take everything other people have, via taxes. Just the ravings of a government certified crazy person.

Because of my own person experience with the R.C.M.P. I would not be the least surprised if it turns out they have burn, torture and kill rooms inside most or all R.C.M.P. bunker buildings. I would not even blink at the news. I seen a TV media show one time, of an emergency room doctor use burning, to stop severe bleeding, with an old man, when nothing else would work that he tried. Has the general public ever been allowed a full tour of a R.C.M.P. bunker? Lots of different members of the public, on a regular and routine basis. Sometime torture and kill rooms are just cells. Have the R.C.M.P. deny you water for several days, and all they got to do is stay they forgot you. See if you consider that torture. Or extreme cold, or heat.

I think, just like in the church, small places in Canada, have been used as a dumping ground for certain types of people, in both the R.C.M.P. and the military and the government in general. Embarrassing people, “scandalous” people. For a long time to. They just pretend that person is being promoted or transferred. Some people who just annoyed, let’s say, the wrong person, get that done to them too. Dropped in with a bunch of sharks, all alone. Got to have some good people too, “workers” or it will all fall apart. Spiders might be a better name for them than sharks. They wait until you enter their area of influence (there web of influence). Mostly anyway. They don’t want to interfere with other webs, and the predators at the center there. They are feeding off the people they are suppose to help. All of them, not just some. I can write government speak, some anyway.

I think, the Canadian government doesn’t want a lot of drinking going on with older poor people anyway. They might get into a physical fight with the R.C.M.P. and other people might join in with them. (I have seen men, twice in my lifetime for sure, go home, and get their shotguns, to take on the R.C.M.P. Those officers that did that thing, run away in their vehicles, and nothing gets said about it.) Depending what gets said and or done of course.

There is a lot of sheathing anger in the Canadian public, especially among the working-class poor. Canada has a lot of experience with this, they just make the working-class lives, harder and harder, to keep them busy, and focused on personal problems, like paying bills, and making ends meet. No real time to focus on politics, then they must rely on the TV, and similar information sources. All biased in some way, at it’s very best. That is probably your future too, where ever you are. Eventually, if not now already (poverty as a means of control of you). All they have to do is take more from you.

Taking is easy. Making is hard. It’s called stealing by the way, except when the government does it. Then it’s the law. Another unjust law. We have “law enforcement” officers now and not “protect and serve” officers. Another inside joke, to rub it in smart peoples faces, with the time to learn, and pay attention. Less and less of those, is there? People, good people, with free time. It’s just funny you see. Well, just kind of funny now. To you anyway. You are suppose to get richer working all your life, not poorer.

To rule you by force, they must have you and everyone else disarmed, at any cost. Alone and isolated is also helpful (no, the people mustering “together” all colours, all religions, etc. Your neighbors. They divide you instead “multiculturalism which is anger when angry” racism). Welcome to Canada, and your future too, most likely, if you are alive now, to see and experience before you die, if not too old.

To have a gun, you must be able to afford to buy a gun. Given a choice between food and a gun, there is no real choice. You take the food. You can only eat a bullet once. Places like Canada, and the former Soviet Union, have a lot of experience using food to control people, including their own people. The Soviet Union, has starved millions of people to death, by cutting off the food supply, and blaming some famine, or something or other, (a lie). Anything to make examples to people, and maintain power. (Communists kill them or physically detain them, in North America on TV or radio or in newspapers the governments destroy them reputation wise). They must, or suffer the consequences for the things they have done. It will be the same for you.

The Canadian government kills it citizens in mass differently, via the medical community. Stalin said “the death of one man is a tragedy, a million a statistic”. Canadian politicians and bureaucrats think. “The death of one man does not make us rich, the death of a million makes us rich”. The truth points to itself.

One of the only real differences, is how many people, in a place like Canada, really know how bad the government really is, as compared to Russia. (in the general public, government workers already know). As they make more and more people, more poor. More and more people will learn in various ways. Especially, if they are told. Then they know for sure, and it spreads, before the government is ready, as it wants to be anyway. The show must go on for the masses on TV (the great lie). The devil is also known as the great liar. So, the government is the devil made real on earth. In a sense. As it will be to you one day. Also as a mass murder, a corrupter of souls, destroyer. All you fake Christians, who pretend to help people out there. Forever is a long time. You have done great evil to people, people.

Do you need proof of God? The miracle of life itself, is proof of God. Life was not created by some lightning bolt a hundred million years ago, in a puddle of goo, or muck, as scientists claim. Life is more that electrical impulses. That’s just a cop-out. And he shall embrace you like a brother, waiting for you with arms wide open. For you are his brother, in thoughts and deeds. You have come home for ever more. Well the people like that anyway. Forever Is a long time to be embraced by him.

Interesting to use the word tanks earlier. As the R.C.M.P. will become part of the background and not trusted. Other than for PR. It will be the military. Certain military units anyway. Parade troops are really never trusted for any real thing. Like the protection of politicians, when it gets like that. Might take a way their guns too. Even in Britain, already they like using the S.A.S. to protect the royalty. As a last line of defense, and a few lines before that too, I would guess. How many parade troops showed up to fight terrorists that day in Paris. Not afterwards, for the sake of TV. But while unarmed people were being killed. Our heroes and rescuers. 20 to 1 is how they like it. When no shooting is involved. With there guns already drawn.

You are now a threat to your government. They have limited resources to use again you, if you make it so. Just make sure other people know. Then less resources get used against you personally. One person knows, it’s that person’s problem. Millions know, it’s the governments problem now. Including in other places, or they will make your community even poorer, for people with a job. Just over broke. Entire provinces in Canada with small population centers already have this happening to them for various reasons. Cheap labour, cheap skilled labour, lots of poverty, so lots of petty crimes and not so petty crimes. Poverty creates more violence (more frustrations in your life). Do experiments on a meaningful amount of people, etc.

Did you know Sesame Street was a join Canadian and USA military (government) psychological (psy ops) experiment against children? It caused great harm to society as a whole, throughout the entire world. I hope nations are getting a clue that watching other countries TV broadcasts can have a huge and negative effect on your society. If their politicians care. They care when a country’s TV broadcast (propaganda, always basically, and mostly) decides, it wants to destroy you are least politically and publicly.

Sesame Street characters, I was told, by someone who came into our school, from the military or behalf of the military, and questioned us about it’s characters. Like who your favorite character is. Well it is suppose to tell you basically, about that kid’s personality type. We have all meet “miss piggy” type females, skinny or otherwise, have not we? Just being honest. Kermit the frog type guys, monster the drummer, those old men, who always made kind of, nasty comments, and complains, always about everything. That were only tolerated and just listened too, but not listened too, by kids anyway, etc.

I liked Oscar the grouch the best. I was told because I was asking questions, that I am a loner type, that is somewhat intelligent. A person who has learned also not to trust too, I know now. Another inside joke too, you will be homeless and not well liked “living in a garbage can”. Or so we were being taught as children. Monkey see, monkey do. The show must go on. A way of acting and hence, thinking, whether you realize it or not. Your subconscious is being altered “changed” at least. Knee jerk reaction type thinking, defaults, learned as a child.

What Sesame Street did is create something I call “Sesame Street Syndrome” that I have talked about some, with certain people. A.K.A. Low attention span disorder. A learned habit as a child. Easily mistaken by a lay person, as some type of learning disability, and or behavioral problem, or disorder. A learned habit, can be unlearned, or not allowed to be taught, in the first place. Before mind altering, super powerful drugs get involved anyway. Professions in the medical community, and schools, receive federal government money, if a child has some type of mental disability, and not if it is something else. They have a conflict of interest and no accountability “the government still” for misdiagnosing children, and ruining their lives, for easy long term profit making.

They may have started doing other things, to pregnant women, for example, to make sure, children are born with behavioral problems. Poverty causes lack of proper and good food, and a well-balanced diet for example. Hungry children, may have problems paying attention in school, and may be ashamed, and kind of encouraged in various ways, not to say the truth. For example, out of fear, of being taken from a parent or parents. Once something is written on paper and convenient, that’s it for them. A one-time event is all it takes. This is being done, and has been done, to children, who do not know better for long term profit making. These people will not hesitate to sacrifice your child, on the alter of there god “money”. Lots and lots of money, your money. Being used to harm your children. This is just one example.

The USA and Canadian military had a desired outcome on society, or they would have changed Sesame Street to get the desired outcome they wanted. So, they got what they wanted done, to most first world nations on the planet. It was an extremely popular show at one time. What it did to children was make it difficult for them to pay attention and learn. To really think things out and learn. Only when you are really interested, will you really pay attention, and learn, and think. Like in your career for example. Your career then becomes, more than it should be, in your life. Maybe hobbies too. You think this is normal? Then you must rely on other sources of information, like the TV news for “facts” lets call them for now. For important issues, really important issue that affect your life. Like what the government is doing.

What they actually did was really very basic, with lots of repetition. They starting using much shorter “learning segments” for a particular thing, to teach children. Then switch over to another “learning segment”. Then another. Basically, to be blunt, children were being taught through repetition not to pay attention to any one thing for very long. If you are now to long, they lose interest. The same when they become adults. Bad for TV commercials, but so what. You are not interest in the commercials are you, unless you are sometimes. Smile.

You may have noticed on Youtube that commercials have become, sometimes anyway, 7 or 15 seconds long before you can hit the skip button. A Canadian company figured out, you have that long now, to get a customer’s interest, before you lose their interest basically, and published that information in a magazine. You see a newspaper. It is generally folded in half. They have that one glance or two to get your interested to buy it. Unless you are already interested in buying it. Do you generally buy the newspaper just to read it? Why not? No time anymore, don’t want to waist the money, not interested anymore in what it contains, why? Why are you like that? Other reasons, other that Sesame Street Syndrome of course. What are they? Why do you have them? How long before you lose interest in this? Can you?

I noticed, and you may remember, that music videos had to change too. When those children started to get older. They had to get faster, flashier, more intense and more sexualized. Till you got, well some of what we got today to. Now it’s about, sometimes strangeness and or shock anyway, if you have a low budget, to try to get peoples attention. Right up to weird and vulgar to some people anyway. Seems to be some use of Chinese water torture techniques in visual images now. At first, it’s just politely sometimes called strange by you, definitely by me, but you may be forced to watch that video again and again or hear it again and again. Because of the visuals, it starts to disgust you, and how really vulgar you star to think of it, and them. Commercials too sometimes. That’s for adults, god only knows what that does to children without extremely well defined thought processes yet. Of course, some adults have absolutely no problem with this. What’s the problem, they say and think? They have been wholly altered. In this anyway.

A famous quote, he had two. “The media is the message” and “TV rots the brain.” I remember not understanding this when we heard it in school. So, I asked what it meant. Everybody basically got exasperated and said “don’t you understand?” Most anyway. I don’t think they understood what he meant. I think I do now. I think I put this on the internet before, but not quite sure, so I will do it again. “The media is the message, the message is control, TV is the media, therefore TV is a means of controlling what you think and believe.”


17 Mar 2017
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No,OP has only made a short essay. The pathology seen is that the Fukushima thread has gone into an all-seasons hibernation, while the societies of control continue on.
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