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The tale of angle and demons


10 Jan 2007
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Hello to everybody.
Sorry to post this all of the sudden but I am very excited about this project I'm working on. If this contradicts the rules of the forum I respectfuly appologise to the moderators and ask the to eliminate this thread as soon as possible, and if it's not disturbing, I ask you to take a look at the literature work of one 18 year old boy from Romania inspired by japanese culture (mine of course, and it will continue to be developed as I continue writing it).

Please enjoy and any critique will be gladly taken into consideration.

The cold wind of the first winter

December came fast, with no delay. It was hard to think of the time that had passed since the time in high school finished, however it felt so long ago. He had walked these grounds for almost two decades but whenever he tried to find in his memories fragments of what he had done until now, only the day of yesterday seems within reach, as for other moments of his past, all are covered in blurry mist and never feel as his own but a person's that is no longer present.
He could feel his heart beating fast when he gazed out the window and saw the days of one year ago when life felt like paradise and no worries approached him. He knew what love was and what his future would hold, however all of those turned around in a matter of weeks or months. Still, hope of the young heart does not falter so easily.
Christmas and New Year's Eve passed like the calm wind of a spring's day, with no scarrs nor wonderous memories. All they left was the bitter smile on his face, holding in contempt for the previous holidays when he truly felt the magic of snow covered bliss.
All through the city the magic in the air started to disperse and a dormant urge to continue the slumbering life routine of before the holidays pressed harder and harder. Depressing and yet beautiful rain adorned the frozen streets as never before. The colourful ornaments were taken down from each and every shop, in waiting for the lively colours of spring, which was still far away.
Lingering at his desk, he turned on the computer and payed the same sweet music that healed his heart each time he would listen to it. There was no greater pleasure than to hear the passion of the guitar, piano and the tormenting rapture in a wonderful voice. This could may be the reason why he had decided about five years ago to train his voice so he could make that gracious music flow from his heart also, but this is yet another story.
Small drops of water sought shelter on the window as did the rays of the sun whenever the passing clouds would leave an open patch in their royal silver coating. He felt contempt, and in his contemptness he walked outside in the door step of the apartment building and light himself a cigarette, slowly. He was conscious of the consequences this habbit would bring later on, but he closed his eyes, took a deep breath and the only word he could think of was "delicious".
Through all of the thoughts that burdened his mind at that moment was one that came to him from time to time, that there was more to this life than we felt, than we saw, than we could embrace. He felt like an old man, yet he knew he did act like a freshman in middle school oftenly. What would be the end of this? What would be the course of action in his life for this year? He did not know, little did he cared at that moment but for the scent of the cigarette that was slowly ending, thus leaving him with no choice than to enter his house again and caress the lovely notes of a serene song on the guitar, a song that flowed like the waters of the mountain rivers in their steadfastness in spite of time.
Walking in the apartment he did not find the gloomy air that had surrounded him all throughout the morning, but the light he could not find until then, and that he had later learned that came from his very soul whenever he had needed it. As said before, he truly felt that there was more to life than he knew there was, he had only to find it and live it as he so desperatly wanted for so long that all of his vim was lost on the way, still finding some shred of power to continue fighting for what he wanted, for what he needed, but mostly, for what would bring my happinees, thus he prepared himself for what would come, for what he did not know what it was.
The time was nearing noon and the rain ceased from pooring yet few drops of crystal water still had to make their journey to the ground from the skies above. A lifeless air spread throughout the park found only a few feet away from his home. Small and well taken care of, with plenty of nature's children that would not show themselves until spring, the park gave host to many memories of his younger years when the whole universe spread only as far as his eyes could grasp and his mind could follow, not more, not like now when he held memories he wished to have never been his. Bells and guitars, along with piano and the voice of a wonderful singer slipped by his ears, chasing away any bad thought or gloomy feelings that were unwelcomed at that moment.
'He's late' he thought to himself and went back outside for another smoke. He saw this not as a vice, nor as a way of relaxation, he did not give such importance to this matter, he just only enjoyed the taste of a cigarette whenever he wanted.
Leaning with one shoulder against the left side of the doorway, he took out his lighter, apporached it and light the cigarette. When the fire sprung out it heard like a small explosion and the first breath of smoke could be heard, brutaly burning the tobacco within the thin foil of paper. It was so quiet.
'Sorry for being late, Velath' sounded a shriek voice from the other entrance in the stairway, 'I just got away from my grandmother.' smiled the young man. This was Hakioku, the friend that Velath waited for at the cost of two cigarettes. Hakioku was about as tall as Velath, both of them measuring about 6 feet, and well built although quite thin. His dark grey hair was straight and seemed like the waves of the calming sea, coming down bellow his chin, while Velath was strongly built and had flowing curved hair that went a little bellow his shoulders, rich and light brown in colour. They both had blue eyes of different tones.
'Still at it?' gazed Hakioku at the cigarette and smirked shortly.
'Still at it and will be for a while now' came the reply from Velath, although it seemed that the answer had not come from his lips but from the serenity in his eyes. The both of them were friends ever since childhood, only that Hakioku was about two years and a few months older than Velath.
'Where to now?' asked the guest while the boy finished his cigarette with no haste.
'Out, Alenlil, Michelle, Sarath and Alissya ar waiting for us in about three quarters of hour to arrive in front of the kings' park.'
The kings' park was a place where the young ones would gather and share a breath of fresh air and warm sun rays in the summer, and in winter it was sought as the most suitable palce for a meeting before heading off to somwhere warm. No later than the time decided, all of them were there. Alissya, Michelle and Alenlil looked like the first roses of the spring, in the soft colours of red, white and yellow. Alissya and Michelle had long hair, very long and beautiful hair of brown colour, while Alenlil wore hers shorter and dark. Nonethelss, all of them were very beautiful and not only that, were amongst the best students at their high school. These were former coleagues of Velath's, but they were alll two years younger than him, and still in high school, while he had taken off the first year of college to pursue his musical training as well as all of his other preparations. Sarath was quite cold. He did not talk much, nor did he sought great attention, the only thing that made him happy was the presence of his friends, presence that he cherished as much as the memory of his passed-away father.
'Hello everyone' waved loudly Michelle when everybody was gathering.
'Hello' came the reply from everyone, including from Sarath, although his voice was almost as silent as the leaf that falls stillfuly in autumn from the branches of orange-yellow rusted trees. '
Now, how about we.... Velath!' shouted Michelle again seeing that Velath was not paying much attention to what she said for his eyes were pinned somewhere back from where he came. Next to his apartment building he passed in front of the windows of a friend of his, which he had known for a few years. Her name was Rin and was the first girl who entered his heart, but the one who had never been able to offer him the comfort of embrace as he wanted, nor the touch of a soft kiss or the warmth of a loving heart. She cared for him in her own way, and in a while this brought pain to Velath's young heart, but now all there was left was a strong feeling of attachement between the two, not great, not frail, but a good friendship.
'Sorry.' he replied, turning back from the past and giving a loud laugh and big smile to shake off any suspicions about his daydreaming, although as serious as ever, in his mind he thought 'Why again? Wasn't it enough?' Who knows what those thoughts might had been? Still, Alenlil saw his face becoming gloomy all over again as before. One lock of curly hair hanged in front of his eyes, undisturbing his meditation. With a slow step, Alenlil came close to him and straightened it aside with her soft caress, thus awaking Velath from his deep meditation. 'We should go now, before we lose them.' she whispered calmly with a kind smile reaching from one side of her rose coloured lips to the other. Truly, the others had began walking away from the park leaving the two behind.
'Shall we go?' Alenlil reached for Valath's arm and embracing it they started walking towards their friends. She grasped on him tightly as foams were released in her breath. It was getting colder with each step they too forth and not later than that moment Valath raised his head and stared at the burdened clouds. Diamond small snow came down at a slow pace, covering quickly the dormant streets as many couples passed the two by.
'Is there something that's been troubling you?' asked Alenlil after a while passed since Velath had become silent again. The falling snow pressed hard unto his soul for this was the season he loved the most yet so many of his past unfortunate memories had taken place in these times.
'There is nothing important, just...' and the boy stopped for Alenlil was no stranger to his earlier years and knew that one year ago it was in winter that Velath had his heart broken by a girl he cared for and cherished until he gave the whole thing away to the sweet comfort of forgetfulness, however, wind whispered memories of what had been taken to past would face Velath from time to time and it was no great pleasure for him.
'Just that it's getting quite cold and the others already entered the coffe house' smiled Velath while rubbing his hands. He did not want to drag anyone else in his less pleasent affairs, not even by thought, so the only thing he saw fit was to change the subject and not ruin a day that seemed beautiful in spite of the biting cold.
The sun prevailed from time to time from behind the clouds. The morning brought rain as the noon brought snow, never fully keeping the sun envailed and taken to silence.Some of the buildings seen along the way were old and made in the ways of many years ago many more even before they were built and their presence brought a state of calmness for throught the skies above, grey clouds were the limit as far as the eye could see, yet somwhere to their end the glorious sun appeared and shined upon the houses and shops and the image could not be more beautiful. Dark gloomy wasteland was above them while brightness encircled them, a healing light that was so powerful it seemed within the reach of the hand, so that Velath even rose his palm faced up towards the rays and looked upon it as if he was trying to catch the wonder with his eyes rather than with his hands. Seeing this, Alenlil let go of his arm and started a joyous game with the light around Velath. There were no people around to bother them and no other sound than that of laughter and feet on thin snow. 'Children!' shouted Hakioku from the entrance of the coffe shop.
'Come inside before your hot chocolate will get cold, you can go play afterwards.' he ended with a smile and kept the door opened until the two came somewhat ashamed for their truly childish behavoiur, although there were no signs of remorse about it for the two shared a smile at the thought of what they had just done.
'In the first order of business,' started Alenlil with a serious face that did not fit her young age, her eyes were closed while she spoke as the men in dark suits oftenly reading the stock market newspapers in the nearby office clubs.
'We must set the date for the mountain trip.' The words she just said were what everyone had on their minds. They all loved the mountain and they all loved going there together, thus none of them kept quiet for long, except Sarath who decided to enjoy his chocolate at a slow pace with a half happy, half straight face, as he always did, but as soon as he finished it, he waited no longer and joined in with his pleasent, calm voice.
'Last time we...' started Velath yet his words were silenced as if never in his life he gave birth to a single sound. A dreadful feeling surpassed him like an arrow piercing his heart, but it was no more as swiftly as it came to being. In one moment alone, the blood in Velath's veins froze and the room was no longer joyously coloured but engulfed in a dark purple aura. Something was amiss but he could not see why this happened or on who's account. Both Sarath and Hakioku senced this tension and for a moment their young radious faces showed furious worry and knowledge that weighted heavy on their shoulders, but once Velath had come back to his sences, so did the other two, without having anyone notice what had just happened for a moment.
'Last time we what?' asked Alenlil with her child like voice, staring at Velath, curious at what he would have to say.
'Sorry... I don't feel so good. I think I should get going now.' he replied in stead, smiling widly with his showing it was with no pleasure that he showed the smile and that it was almost forcefuly torn out of him. 'But you haven't even finished your food' pointed out Michelle to the freshly brought dishes they had ordered while discussing the mountain trip.
'And they're not even cold yet.' Velath sighed once the air that felt heavy inside of him and with a calm tone he followed, 'I am trully sorry, it seems I am getting down with a cold and I wouldn't want to spoil your fun, so it would be better for me to go.' Leaving enough money on the table, Velath took his coat, quickly waved everyone goodbye and left the place as quickly as that odd feeling struck and abandoned him. Not a long while in his trace, Sarath and Hakioku followed, worried about their friend, still, their frowned expressions showed they had knowledge of things kept secret from Velath or some other sort of hidden things, however they had followed him. Seeing such a thing, the girls remained behind, finishing their food in silence, resuming the discussion only after they had also left the coffe shop.
'What do you think happened to him?' asked Alissya showing true concern in her big, bright brown eyes. She was a very beautiful young lady and not many times she was told that by passing-by men or boys, still she would prove of a pure innocence and a rare kindness.
'It should be coming any time now...' whispered Alenlil with her head held down and her eyes hidden in the shadow of her hair. The air around her was like embraced by fire and something of a painful feeling would touch anyone in its vecinity. Both Alissya and Michelle lowered their sight towards the ground and whispered silently,
'Enough time passed and we hoped he would not be touched by the same fate as ours.' Hearing these, Alenlil stopped and gazed at the two as if the flames in her eyes could tear the two apart. 'Have you not seen how he shines? His soul will be that of an angel and no...' she could not speak no more for tears rolled down her eyes and with a heavy heart she dropped on her knees releasing one tear after another. Alyssia came close and embraced her as if with her very heart, 'At his age is most likely this will hurt him and it is even possible for him to become another, one who he has never been before, but have faith in him as we all did in eachother a long time ago.' Saying this, she rose her eyes up to the clouds that shed heavy snow, bun no heavier than the tears that came out of Alenlil's heart, for she feared for a friend too close to her heart.
While the snow started again, Velath kept walking on snow covered paths nowhere leading to his home. All of the thoughts and worries he had, he postponed until thetime he saw fit to deal with them. In the mean time he light up a cigarette and sat down somewhere in the king's park, clashing histteth, trying to ignore the pain that had bothered him from time to time. Late at night, when there is no sound and no light, surrounded only by his thoughts, Velath would feel a growing pain in his chest, a preasure and a sting in his heart as if a knife was thrusted through it. It came and dispressed fast but it was hard to bear, hard not to make any noise when the pain was not ripping your body apart but your own very soul. Alenlil had seen Velath once like that and ever since she began taking care of him whenever she was around him and oftenly she tried to make him see a doctor, but after a few tires she began recieving the same answer from him, when she asked again, 'Why see a doctor? How can he find a cure for a illness that has no cause?' and things remained like that. The only thing that calmed him was singing or the presence of his friends, but being alone at this moment, he sat at the feet of one of the imposing kings carved in stone, figures that filled the whole park, and sang one of the ballads he would always fiind the most powerful painkiller. With every word he sang, bit by bit his pain would go away while gazing at the falling snow through the wavering thin smoke of the cigarette, lost moments dedicated to the meditation of one to the world that was passing by.
'Are you realy happy with things they are right now?' sounded the voice of Hakioku in Velath's mind. Turning his head slowly, the boy could see his friend leaning against a statue carved in sparkling marble that would lose itself in the falling torrent of snow. Sarath took no part in this discussion, also prefering to light himself a smoke and carelessly closed his eyes while enjoying the refined scent.
'Happy with what? Either way, that depends on what each of us understands by happy.' followed Velath, spouting out those words with a heavy cloud of smoke. Hakioku would not take such an irresponsible attitude, thus he rushed towards him and grabbed him by the collar.
'Faster please, Hakioku, it's drawing near.' whispered Sarath between smokes, 'time to waste we have not much so, please, do it now.' Velath could not see what his friends were trying to say, or do. Sarath was as cool as always, keeping calm and saying things not like he usualy did.
'How long have we known eachother Velath?' asked Hakioku with a serious face yet somehow touched by pain.
'For about ten years now, why?'
'Because for ten years I have not lied to you once, but one thing I was forced to keep in secret until you would be strong enough to handle it, but as the time passed, it would have become too powerful for you to handle and we all lived in hope that you should never come to face it yet know...' Velath was scared by the seriousness with which Hakioku was telling him all of these. He knew his friend to be wise and reasonable, but this came out of nowhere and at the worst time it could.
'Wait, please Hakioku, I can find no reason in what you are saying, please stop.' Velath tried to push Hakioku away, but he was grasped him even tighter as Hakioku stared into his eyes, making his words known to Velath without using his mouth, but his mind and pined him on place,
'Velath, it's time to show you who we are, it's time to show us who you are.' While hearing, moreover, feeling these words, Velath had the same impression as a while ago while in the coffe shop, the same darkened purple veil embracing all that surrounded him and what was within eye sight. All of Hakioku's words froze in the painful wind, leaving him arched towards Velath with a serious expression that his friend seldom saw on him. Few moments passed like eternity, neither of them replied to eachother but remained still like the stone statues that witnissed all that went on. The cold pressed hard unto the boys yet harder pressed the silence, finaly interrupted by Sarath's half-finished cigarette falling in the snow, burning its way through until finaly put out by the see of white crystal. 'Too late.' he sighed, meditating shortly with his eyes closed. 'Too late for what?' asked Velath, searching by sight the surroundings and found some well built silhouettes approaching. The falling sprites of winter made it hard to see their faces until they were within the reach of a hand away from the three.
'Seems like we should carry this elsewhere.' said Velath, trying to get up but quickly he was faced with a quick push of the hand of one of those who had just arrived.
'Seems like you should stay for a while. It's rude to leave visitors when they just came.' grimed one of the five who wore his hair long in grey rough colour and sparkling dark eyes.
'What...' the boy tried to say not seeing how Hakioku reaching for inside his jacket.
'Malakhi, Mazoku, Daemons, they have many names but one should suit them just fine, wretched.' came the answer from Hakioku while he took out form one of the inner pockets a short stilt looking like one of a knife.
'Enough for small talk, it's time to bring you back and your friends... in pieces.' shouted the one that seemed their leader and thrusted towards Hakioku. At the same time, Velath felt a stabbing pain in his chest, unabling him to breathe or talk, none of his senses was working right nor did his mind realise to make something of all of these. Light appeared as darkness and darkness came all around. What was before the park, the royal chamber of so many kings imortalised in stone now became a chamberof no light and awkward mesmarising actions.
'I'm ashamed to have ever carried the same name as you.' cried out loud Hakioku, but what was to be a usual fight came to Velath's eyes as something never seen before. Hakioku was no longer the boy he knew, but his hair grew long, below the waist, thickly spreading in the blowing wind, heavy dark and his red eyes not only looked like blazing but truly sprouted out fire sparks.
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