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The Silent American, Movie.


16 Jun 2002
Ok, so I'm watching this movie called "The Silent American," It takes place in Vietnam war or something and so far, seriously like an hour into it all, all it has been is Asian girls, some dudes going to this place called "House of 500 Girls" and yeah now it's like Brendan Frasher and this old dude competing over this really hot looking girl. I don't get it though, whats this movie supposed to be about? Hot Asian Women? I don't know but the charecter Brendan Frasher plays is a complete player-hater VS the old dude who had the hot girl but that's ok cause at the start of the movie it shows Brendan's charecter dead but yeah I seriously doudt this movie is about player hating, aaaa yo... now its at this part, the old dude lost his hot girl, stupid Brendan is all talking to this girl about how he is going to take this girl to America cause he wants to marry her.... damn, I swear, what's with this, stupid movie, this is a really stupid movie.

Anyone else see it?


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