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28 Feb 2003
I'm wondering if anyone has heard of the J-rock band "The Seeker" and if you have could you maybe tell me what you do know...all I know is K-Ito is a former member of the band "ICEMAN" and was the Red Mage and then he teamed up with D.K. and they created "The Seeker" I guess they're pretty indies band...but they have released a few singles and I was wondering if anyone knew any sites where I could order a copy or even find one
I have no idea, but if I happen to come across it I'll tell u. sry ^^ that doesn't really help
Thanks twisted...I talked to someone who runs a site that specializes in the DA family music group including the Seeker and he informed me that they only ship in Japan...so I have to find someone there I know...I might be able to...I'm hoping that I can

Thanks KoranRi...it helps more than you think
Well isn't this funny. I was searching the 'net trying to find where I could get the Seeker stuff, and one of the first hits is this thread. Well, now I know -.-
Cool someone other then myself and a few select people has heard of them! D.K. does have a uniquely amazing voice and well he's very very VERY pretty.
Yup! 😄 I like what he does with his nails o_O And he's very beautiful... ok, I think that's been said >.> I like gender-benders, and he's at the top of my list.
Ah, I want more The Seeker stuff :(
I just want a Seeker cd...all I have are a few of their songs that I downloaded when downloading music was still something that you can do. I like what he does with his nails, his make-up and his clothes. Yeah we did cover that he's beautiful. I like gender benders too....and well I should put him at the top of my list...he just would make such a natural looking girl...Mana's good at looking girly too...but DK doesn't need the white face paint. I have a DK scrapbook...I'm trying to draw him...I've already drawn Gackt and some other J-rockers
Kool! I'd like to see your pictures ^^
I just have a couple of songs too. Haven't found anything on peer-to-peer systems like kazaa or winmx though. After Christmas, when I can start recovering my money for myself, I hope to buy a cd though... somehow. Have to find a place that does oversea orders which stocks them.
I showed a female friend of mine a picture of DK. Her reaction 'Oh my god, WOMAN!' >.> Now she likes Mana but I think he surprised her still.
*giggles* all the guys in my French class thought Mana and Gackt were hot girls...I loved shattering their reality and replacing it with the right one and telling them they were guys. If I ever do get around to drawing DK...people might actually think that I've finally drawn a J-rock girl *doesn't draw girls*

*Reads all the posts, is obsessed with D.K*

As far as I know D.K's combo with K-Ito is all singles...although they have:

1. GRAVITATION TV-tracks - both are featured on that soundtrack...

The Seeker
1. [Heavenly Blue]
c/w [sortilege]

c/w [Forgiven Eden]


4. [Gather Roses]
c/w [Walpurgis -ツ・テッツ・テォツ・テ猟・テォツ・ツョツ・ツケツ、テ偲古ォ- D.K Taste]

5. [Cendrillon]
2.Acid Child

Source: http://www.k-ito.ne.jp/03-01b.htm

That site has both K-Ito's (first section) and D.K's (second section) singles ^_^;

Hope that helps a little...I'm actually searching for pics of D.K ATM anyone know any good places?

And KlahaXGackt, I really wand to see those drawings, is there any possible way I can see them?
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w00rt! The pics on that website are awsome! *Huggles Lo~ki* Thank you very much *prances of to print out some of the pictures for some sketches of D.K* D.K D.K D.K (=D)! Yay!
Oooooooo! *latches on* I like you ^^
Nah, I liked you before anyways. Btw, you're AIM name didn't work o_O
thats cool
hello i just joined today
do u think u can send me the music video?
my aim is basiljackie
*REVIVE* Haha .. to reincarnate a topic :}
I guess this is kinda double, seeing as there is a DK topic too. But this is more about the Seeker now isn't it ;)
For people who don't know: The Seeker has disbanded, 6 june 2005 (I believe...I have the exact date, but I can't remember it XD).

So people! What is your favourite song of the Seeker?! And anyone has a question about DK/ The Seeker..*is a DKspecialist* lol..
Anyone here!!!!

Can anyone tell me more infos about DK..pleaaaaseeee~:( I'm new here...anyone........... I cn't seem to find pics of song with The Seeker 😭😭😭😭 And nobody knows a thing about them. All the links expired....:eek: PLEASE HELP...contact me here or on FB ( Log into Facebook ) PLEASEEEEEEE~ I want to know more about them...especialy about DK <3
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