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The roots of Google


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Do you remember the days when Altavista was still the #1 search engine? That was the time when AV could be reached through the following URL:


At the same time two students at Stanford University started to work on a web crawler project called BackRub, namely Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Here's an early demo of their Google Search Engine (1997).

Ah, nostalgia. :)
Altavista still can't find my Zenlog. Is it still being updated or do i really have to start using those Metatags again?
It does find my old website, which has been removed months ago already...

I guess succes decays just as fast as you acquire it.
Hmm, this whole submission-procedure leads me to believe there is no technology involved anymore at AltaVista. It appears as if all sites are added manually. No wonder it carries so many dead links.

That's what makes Google so great. It just reads the content of a page and reflects that in it's results. You always get exactly what you're looking for. It's never more the a few days out of date.
Altavista is also a search engine (vis-テ?-vis human indexed directories such as Yahoo or japanreference.com - sorry, getting megalomaniac, hehe). AV uses Scooter to index the net.

Googlebot on the other hand crawls more frequently. Once per month there's the so-called "Google dance"

=> 澳门新葡亰平台游戏8455|首頁欢迎您

So site updates are usually reflected in Google within just a few days. At the moment they seem to be unbeatable.
Google is the big brother of the engines, but that's not a bad thing considering what you get in return for site traffic.

Google is the Microsoft of search engines, and literally the only search engine that easily indexes your site without the need of having to pay. The way the Altavistas, Lycos index, your only guarantee is to cough up the big bucks.
I agree, Google has become irreplaceable. On the other hand, webmasters have become too dependent on their algorithm, a slight change and your pages are history, buried under millions of other pages. Nearly all webmaster fora deal with search algorithms, page ranks and Google optimisation, frightening, lol. Let's hope that the Googlians took warning from Altavista's awful experiments.
I don't think so, it just proves that Google keeps on expanding. Perhaps they will offer a blog search service similar to their newsgroup listings.

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