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the quicksand known as work visas


4 Feb 2004
I went to japan last october, and since then, the idea of moving there someday has been on my mind. I've done a good amount of research, but those work visas are really confusing.

if you work as someing like a web developer, or network adminstrator over in japan, what kind of work visa do you need? I'm pretty sure it's the engineering one...but i just want ot be sure...
Agreed re the Engineer work visa if you're a new hire from the U.S., for example, for the company's office in Japan.

If you're an existing employee on the technical track, though, you should be given an Intra-Company Transferee visa, I would think. This version is the one assigned to me by the embassy.
Cool, thanks for the help. I can't believe how vaguely defined those work visas are...
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