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11 Jan 2003
Can anyone tell me anything about the band The Piass? Anything at all? a discography, member info, a site,are they still together (I assume they aren't...) anything? I heard this terrible thing about three of the original members commiting suicide together...(this was a few years ago) that can't possibly be true...(I hope) But then the surviving member (or members?) restarted the band with new members? (please don't take this question as me being a morbid freak, I'm not...It's just that the person who told me this is not always reliable and it sounds completely crazy...but then you never know)Anyway...thanks in advance!
Hi, and welcome aboard! 🙂

Hm, I just googled, there's a Yahoo Group dedicated to The Piass.

Other links

=> http://www.a-dead-angle.com/etc~Indies/piass.htm


The PIASS was formed in Sapporo. Early in the band's career, due to a drowning accident while shooting a PV, all original members except TAKAYUKI died T_T

The PIASS stopped activites after the incident. 25 Oct 1998, TAKAYUKI, together with Kiraka, and support members Riji & Shizuki, started touring. Same year Dec, Ruiji and Shizuki became official members of the band.

Early 2002, Kirala disappeared and in March, officially left the band.

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Perhaps Twisted has more info.
Hmm, this was a little before my time, but i've read about the incident in the book Nippon Pop, which is written by Steve McClure.

They were an Indies rockband like many other, and i think the incident is the only thing that made them famous. A bit of a shame actually.
accident... i'm not sure, but i remember that i have read something like they jumped off the bridge together... who knows. sorry for that i raised this up :p
hi....I just joined in because I was looking for a Piasu song lyric and I found this place...
I didn't know anyone has written about the member's death in any book...
I don't actually recall anything that says that there where that famous around 98.
all I do know is that they're still around. I love their music and they're a thypical Indies band but yet so very different.
They never change clothes, they do the same thing every gig, they're EVERYWHERE^^; and they're heavy heavy heavy....everytime I see them I get a heacache because they're so much ino headbanging....but I do love them
I dont know anything about this forum....so sorry if I do anything wrong...
Well, at any rate Tomohiro Katsui and Hiroshi Murata aren't in the current line-up of Piass. They died when they jumped off a 20 meter high bridge for a video-shooting stunt on october 25th 1995.

Perhaps the band wasn't famous around that time, but the incident certainly gave them a cult-status.

Oh, and welcome aboard 🙂
wow^^ a fast reply....I thought maybe the thread is too old to get any reply, but I'm happy I did. I do remember how the old Piass looked....and for that matter, they always where THE Piass and now it's always the Kanji and hiragana Piasu...
they're a little mocking with the other indies fellows...
" You want visual kei??? here you HAVE all you can TAKE PIASSUUUU!!" " Piasu's vocals!!! Piasu's Drummer, Piasu's basist!!!!" "Everyone will HEADBANG!!!! the drummer will also Headbang!!! " and then it's a endlessw countown until you lower your head and won't see their faces for the entire song....^^;
They're also weird....They always start the police sirens full loud and sound, before the curtains are open, so that every fan will know it's them and not any other band next....you see those blue lights, a couple of them, maybe 3....and their red hairs and red clothes soon reveals from darkness.... the latest time I saw them, they also set a drum part on fire and the drummer went Fire breatheing on the crowd....I thought they would burn my hair^^;
I got some kind of sticky liguid thing all over me...
haha I was dressed from Harajuku....seldom I go to shows as mana, except moi dix mois ofcourse, but this time they looked like..."hey?? Mana can't headbang or what??? you little fangirl there, proove to us it's US you want" and ofcourse i was dead from nightbus from Osaka Moi dix Mois....not a proper dressover and same makeup....deadly tired super hot....I tried one movement and figured out everyone would laugh if the Mana girl would fall over the others....
but what's with those older piass fans`?? they lift Takayuki's skirt to look at his underwear....I never saw anything like it...all they do is touching him everywhere....
it's pretty fun and nice to have some oldies on the scene and not always those 18 years old cutie pies...^^
Cool....someone else has heard of that book...I own the book "Nippon Pop" and it is a pretty old book....The book's information dates back to 1998
Yeah, it's time Steve McClure wrote a second edition. It's a shame he gave up his Japan Times Online column. I always found it very insightful.
I'd like to read that part that was the piass...the rest of the book isn't so much about the indies scene I guess? maybe there is something in it about like...Shazna's major debute and the Melty love hit etc etc..^^
In case I confuced anyone by the talking about the liveshows, They in same shows as artists such as, Vidoll, Jinkaku radio, Milphine, Iroha, Deadman, Dead pop stars D.P.S * , and so on...= they're not that big, but it's indeed very nice to go to these shows.
There's quite some information about the Japanese indies scene in that book. It's just not aimed at the Visual Kei scene.

He talks about Hoppy Kamiyama and his God Mountain label and the girlpop from the Benten label.
I see I see^^
thanks for the info. I don't know very much...like back in 94~97 I was all into pop, and then ayu tmr and larukku, but since I got into shazna I chaged a lot. I got into Mizer and then Moi dix Mois and Eve of destiny...among that also some of the european gothic scene and a lot of japanese indies...mostly vk or goth.
Cool, do you know where I can sample their music? I've heard alot of good things about this band 👍
Also, if I like what I hear what album(s) would you recommend I buy and why?
^^ yes, they have a new mini album called Dolei, it's a combination of Vidoll style/dollis marry style indies, and their oldschool heavy visual style.
I think it's worth the try if you're intoo indies VK. Personally I love Piass very very much^^ I seek friends who like vk always, so just add me on msn or something if you want to know more about them!!!
Thanks alot Miyu shama, that really helped I'll definitely check it out and let you know what i thought 👍
Whats your fave song by them?
and its so cool how they started in the 1993and
i hope to see em turn popular soon since its been years but i guess they havent reached it due to all the deaths and departures back then but i hope they turn popular
they are also releasing a dvd around the 29th i tink
i wish i could read japanese to tell ya haah
Fat fetishism is one of their best rocking songz to me and heres a link to listen to em
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Thanks for the link, gonna check it out now 👍
Yeah it would be so good for both the fans and them to really get popular if they've stuck at it so long.
So I listened to some of their music and I love it! These guys are so great! Right now I'm telling everyone about them:p
I'm going to order Dolei and one of the singles soon👍
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